Why You, Too, Can Get National Media Exposure

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What is it that makes you say, “I had a really great day at work today?”

The answer may not be as obvious as one might think. For instance, if you’re a salesman, it’s probably not only closing some deals, but also making the sale that you know will perfectly solve your customer’s problem.

As a business owner, I’m manager, marketer and motivator. I crunch numbers, develop strategic business alliances and plan for the future while tending to the present. All of these roles have gratifying moments, but what makes me say, “What a terrific day!” is getting outstanding publicity for our clients – especially for those who least expect it. Ultimately, that’s what I’m passionate about and why I started my business.

Lately, it almost seems like every day has been a great day. In fact, last week I found myself saying, “What a terrific month!”

I share this not to be boastful (although I really am proud!). But when I see surprised and excited clients, I want to share them with the world — particularly with the people who don’t believe the media will be interested in them. I want to shout, “Look! These folks are just like you, only now they’re also being quoted and interviewed by the top media in the country!”

Some of our biggest May placements have been for clients who only recently started campaigns with us. None of them came to us to build on an established reputation in the media; in fact, almost all of them have had little to no publicity in the past.

One placement was an especially happy surprise for a business consultant whose campaign ended a year ago! She was featured in an article on CIO.com, the magazine for information and IT execs, as a result of an article we sent out early last year. Another was for a client I’ve told you about before, a woman who came to us after another PR agency told her no one knew her so they couldn’t help her. Dr. Jaime Kulaga’s amazing print campaign officially ended in April, but about a week ago, she was invited by Forbes magazine to serve as a resident life coach on a new website they’re launching.

Here are a few more highlights from the hundreds of placements we’ve secured this month:

On national TV, the Today show interview we secured for a Florida physician aired the week before last, and this week we’re looking forward to seeing the exciting non-profit we represent featured on Nightline, or possibly Nightline Prime.

Two different clients had phenomenal national talk radio “tours” – where guests or guest interviews are made available to stations across the country. One client was interviewed by Clear Channel 24/7 News Service, which made the segment available to its 400 syndicated stations. The other was offered up for live interviews one morning to all of Fox News Radio’s affiliates. He talked to a dozen show hosts!

In print, which we consider both traditional publications and their online counterparts, our clients were featured this month in Kiplinger’s and Kiplinger’s Retirement Report; USA Today; CNNMoney.com; CNBC.com; Prevention magazine; New York Daily News, and The Costco Connection, which goes to Costco’s 8.4 million members.

On social media, we don’t measure in terms of “placements.” Instead, we aim to get our clients follows and “likes” from real people who have a genuine interest in the client’s message. One way we do that is by strategically sharing content that will get passed along to hundreds or thousands of other network users.

This week, we’ll be doing that for a company that specializes in aerial advertising. And we’re confident in our expectations because we did it for them in April, when they partnered with an artist and created a surprise, skywriting spectacle over the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. We made that event the No. 2 nationally trending Twitter topic, propelling it – and our client — into national newspapers, magazines, TV and radio shows the next day.

(I can’t tell you what this week’s art extravaganza is – it’s another surprise.)

Yes, my team and I are having a fabulous May because our clients are having a fabulous May! Getting great stories in the media is what we love to do and it’s what we excel at. I wanted to share this with you because I want you to know: We can help you.

Don’t assume the media isn’t interested. Share your message with us; tell us about your credentials and your goals. We’ll give you an honest evaluation.

Because we win only when our clients win.

Have a great day!

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