Where Do You Start With Book Promotion?

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It’s an absolute must. If you want to sell your book to the masses, you have to get out there and publicize it. You need to be on the radio, in magazines and newspapers and on TV. The more the public hears about you and your message, the more likely it is your book will stand out from the other hundreds of thousands published every year.

You know you have to alert the public about your book, but you may not have any idea how to get started.

Having been in the book publicity business for almost two decades, I know a thing or two about generating media attention for books. As many bestselling authors will tell you, talk radio is one of the best and most cost-efficient vehicles to get your message out to consumers. But, with different firms out there competing for your business, how do you choose the right one? What factors should you look for and which are the most important?

  1. Experience. How important is experience? Very. You need to employ a company who has had years of experience promoting books. In the field of PR, book promotion is a very exact specialty. A skilled publicist employs a myriad of tools in order to obtain media interviews – and it can all look and seem very simple, but that’s only because their skills have been honed to perfection. A skilled firm knows how to develop an angle from your book that will get you the most media mileage. They will know how to write an effective press release that stands out from all the rest. And most importantly, they give producers everything they need to book a show. These will all help ensure that you get a number of quality media placements.
  2. Quality Markets. In what markets will you be heard? Always check on the caliber of markets you’re being scheduled to appear in. If you’re paying a firm to obtain media interviews for you, you don’t want to be booked in markets smaller than top 100. There’s no question that stations in smaller markets have value, but you don’t need to pay top dollar for someone to arrange it for you.
  3. Quality Stations. What caliber of stations will your interviews take place on? The criteria we use for booking interviews is nothing less than 5,000 watts or above on the AM dial. In every market you’ll find high-powered and low-powered stations. Obviously, the more power a station has, the more people will be listening in. So, if you’re paying for media interviews, your best return on investment will be appearing as a guest on the higher-powered stations.
  4. Expediency. How long will it take to get your campaign in motion? Make sure that your publicity firm is on the same page as you and your timeframe. There is always a certain amount of prep work needed before a media campaign can advance. In the planning stage, always make sure that your timeframe is taken into consideration by the publicity firm you are working with.
  5. Guarantee. What sort of guarantee is in place? How do you know you will get your money’s worth? Search out those publicity firms that offer some kind of a guarantee. Unlike PR firms in other industries, there are those dealing in the publishing business that will work on a performance basis. Take advantage of this opportunity to get your money’s worth. Companies that work based on performance are always going to work harder to get you on the best shows.
  6. Price. How much is it all going to cost you? For many of you, this is the most important factor of all. There is certainly a great value to doing interviews on talk radio. It is a fantastic and cost-efficient way to promote your book. You can promote your book to thousands and thousands of people without breaking the bank.
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