When Should TV Appearances Be Part of Your PR & Marketing Strategy?

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In working with clients for nearly 20 years (from almost every industry possible) I can tell you that TV is an especially powerful medium when it serves as a marketing vehicle for your products or services.

Why? Because of the power of the visual! TV viewers not only hear you: they see you, they see your product, they see a graph or powerpoint that defines your service.  So, if you look good, communicate effectively, and present your message in a way that resonates with the viewers, well…the connection is made!  One of our clients told us…

“I found that you get almost instant results with TV.   When you appear on a television show, people believe what you have to say and as a result you get to reach tons of people in a ‘real’ way.  And the results are tremendous.  From one TV appearance alone I got close to 1,000 subscribers to my newsletter.”

Sounds good, right?  But, unfortunately, TV isn’t a match for everyone.  To know if you qualify as a guest, the question to consider is, “does your message have mass appeal?”

You see, television producers are looking for guests that will keep their audiences tuned in!  The more viewers they have, the higher the show’s ratings, the more ad dollars the stations can charge.  So, finding qualified guests with a message that will connect with their viewers is an important goal.  If you have a valuable segment for TV that meets this criterion, then it’s a win-win for you and the show.

Here’s a case study: One of our clients had a book and a range of products that offered solutions to acne sufferers. And, because acne is a problem that millions of Americans are concerned with AND because he has expert advice, TV was a very successful medium for him.

We arranged interviews for him on over 50 local TV shows in about 35 different markets around the country. And, we only scheduled him on major network affiliate stations (ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX). During that time period, we also booked him as a guest on some national and regional TV shows.

In order for us to keep his appearance and topic new and exciting to the media, we developed a number of different show ideas along the way. For example, he did segments about acne myths, alternative skin care products, food facials that can prevent acne, and more.

And, because he became such a pro at giving great interviews in the 3 to 5 minutes you get on local TV, he saw instantaneous results. Often, after a good TV appearance, his book, products, and website subscriptions literally flew off the shelves!

If you have products or services with mass appeal, work with your PR firm to start booking TV appearances. Nothing can beat it for expanding the reach of your message, products and credibility!

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