What makes us one of the top public relations firms?

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What makes EMSI Public Relations one of the top public relations firms? For starters, it’s how we’re different than traditional PR firms. We’re a pioneer in pay-for-performance publicity. Our model guarantees media placements and social media connections, so clients don’t have to spend thousands for “best efforts.” In today’s world, guaranteed publicity that works with any budget is gold.

At EMSI, we know the industry. Each of the media venues is different and therefore requires different pitches and strategies. That’s why we have specialist campaign managers for each type of media, whether it’s radio, print, TV, or social media.

We know that the media is always looking for news stories and guests that will keep their audience interested. That’s why we’re constantly monitoring the news and current events for issues that relate to our clients’ messages. Our clients always get exposure in the media.

The model we use at our firm not only makes us different than traditional PR firms, but also allows us to go way above the standard in public relations. Take a look here to learn more about how EMSI is one  of the top public relations firms. 

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