The Media May Take A Holiday Break, But You Shouldn’t On Social Media

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Holidays can be a challenging time to reach the media.

Just as you and I might take some time off, so do many print journalists and people who work in TV and radio. That leaves just skeleton crews to handle breaking news or read story pitches coming in.
But don’t forget that, beyond the traditional media, you have another venue always at your disposal for promoting your brand – social media.

If you’ve been neglecting the social media aspect of your overall PR efforts, now would be the perfect time to remedy that. Even if you’ve been making good use of social media, this is a great time to improve what you’re doing or perhaps try a few new approaches.

I know that, whether it’s during the holidays or any other time of the year, the EMSI social media team always tries to stay abreast of the latest trends. As an example, social media strategist Brittany Vaill took advantage of a new option on Twitter that allows you to create a poll that your followers can participate in. The best part is that Twitter tabulates the results for you.
She created a poll for one of our clients and wound up with a whopping 13,000 people who potentially saw it.

Of course, trying something new like a poll is just one way to grab an audience’s attention. I asked Brittany and the rest of the social media team for additional advice to share about generating social media interest as the year winds down and as people are focused on the excitement and stress that holiday preparations bring.

One overriding theme in their suggestions is that the holiday season is a good time to give a more personal edge to your posts, rather than focusing strictly on business.
Also, since the holidays themselves are what happen to be trending now, your posts should be holiday themed. Here are a few of the social media teams’ suggestions.

  • Greetings of the season. The simplest thing, of course, is to make sure you post holiday greetings as each holiday arrives, whether it’s for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or New Year’s Day. You’ll want to hit all of them because who knows what holidays each of your followers will be celebrating.
  • Share your traditions. Give your followers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your holiday preparations and traditions. Are employees decorating their work stations or the office’s reception area? Does your company have a holiday party? Share photos of those activities to add a more personal and human touch to the professional image you convey the rest of the year.
  • Don’t neglect the business. Even as you add the personal touches, you don’t need to leave out the business aspects completely. People are buying gifts and making resolutions for the New Year, and either of those might provide a marketing opportunity for you. You also could weave in holiday giveaways, along with a special holiday hashtag, as gentle reminders of what you do. Finally, remember that with social media it’s not just what you post, it’s how you look. That means including images – in this case holiday images – whenever possible, as well as holiday key words such as Black Friday.

One final note: Social media isn’t something to do haphazardly. There’s strategy involved if you want to successfully get your message heard. With many people taking time off for the holidays, they have even more time to spend on social media. That’s all the more reason to make sure your posts are in the mix and effectively promoting your brand as folks go scrolling through their newsfeeds.

Ready for the season!

P.S. If you want professional help with your social media efforts, give us a call at 727-443-7115 ext. 215 or click here to get your Free Media Analysis.

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