Client Testimonials

Rod Robertson
Author and Managing Partner at Briggs Capital, LLC

I am delighted to share my experience with News & Experts about my recently published book (by Advantage) “The Human Vector” and the very successful public relations campaign that I recently completed. My first book I self-published and tried to promote by myself, which was an unpleasant and non-productive experience. Thus, I signed on with N&E for a print and radio/podcast campaign for my second book, which has reaped fantastic results!

I have been on multitudes of nationwide radio and podcasts that have blasted my content and personality across the country to millions of listeners.  I also had a print campaign that recently had me featured in the Entrepreneur Magazine (5m readers) and the Irish Times of Dublin (4.5m readers), plus a multitude of other print sites.

The well-coordinated staff of N&E served me up on a platter!  They wrote, positioned, introduced and followed up with multitudes of opportunities that I thoroughly enjoyed as I was exceedingly well-coached for each of the events. If you ever need to chat with me about this once-in-a-lifetime experience, please feel free to contact me.

Sarah Lee Gossett Parrish
Attorney and Author Recognized by American Law Magazine as one of its 2019 Women Leaders In Law Recognized by National Law Journal as a 2019 Cannabis Trailblazer

The News & Experts team has achieved amazing results for me across print, digital, and radio media as a lawyer in the cannabis space. I have now been interviewed on nationally syndicated radio programs, and quoted in local, regional, national, and cannabis-specific print and online publications, including but not limited to, The New York Times, the L.A. Times, InStyle online, Food and Wine online, MJBiz Daily, and the list goes on and on! I’m thrilled with the results of their efforts as they’ve proven to be invaluable. They’re a wonderful team of media experts and I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with them!

Pete Gilfillan
Author of Hire Yourself

News & Experts managed the social media blitz for the launch of my book HIRE YOURSELF. Thanks to their exceptional work….my book became an Amazon bestseller. I would recommend News and Experts.

Jeannette Bajalia
President, Petros Estate & Retirement Planning, and Founder and President of Woman’s Worth®

You journey through your life and professional career thinking that you’re just one voice in a sea of noise around you. You believe you have something important to say, something others need to hear about that can help shape their lives, help give hope, inspiration, or simply a nugget of truth. And I thought, “if I could just get my message out there and get my voice differentiated in the sea of noise, I can help others.” I wanted my voice heard from the mountaintops and pursued ways to communicate my message and worked really hard locally doing workshops, speaking, writing, but local wasn’t enough and the work effort was draining and didn’t get the results I desired.

My voice needed to be heard nationally, perhaps internationally, so I sought the professional expertise of News & Experts Public Relations, thinking that I could get a bite or two of attention. Boy was I wrong!! I didn’t get a bite or two, I got national press and visibility of the highest level and prestige in publications that I would have never dreamed were possibilities.

The result: my voice being heard by millions – at a grand level. This national media exposure has given me more media opportunities, greater credibility with my clients, and given me the confidence to know that OTHERS RESPECT MY VOICE cause it’s one to be heard. Thanks to News & Experts’ professional expertise working with the media with precision and excellence and focusing on the PR and media that is relevant to my message, I now have more doors opening for me to hear my message and achieve my personal and professional goals.

Patty Dominguez
Cofounder of CREATE Buzz and author of The Customer Manifesto

We’re so thankful for the News & Experts team for their approach in creating media awareness for our business. Not only do we appreciate their unique model of “guaranteed media coverage” compared to other firms, more importantly, we benefitted greatly from their encouraging and collaborative approach.

They’ve been so diligent in finding us media opportunities and connections that would highlight our value proposition and brand personality. News & Experts has been a key partner in driving our brand awareness and helping to refine our positioning in the media. Oh yeah, and they’re a whole lot of fun to work with!

Christopher Zoukis
Prison Education Advocate and Author

First and foremost, thank you so much for all of your help on my campaign. You have managed it expertly and far exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you for this.

For some time our team has tried to find a solution to our public relations needs. We have worked with several services, to include people who specialize in book marketing and public relations. Almost categorically we have been disappointed. People over promise and under perform, or, in the case of the independent publicist that we retained, didn’t perform at all. It was very disheartening. Then came along News & Experts, and my belief of what was possible changed.

Long story short, thank you for all of your hard work on my account. While the campaign is not quite yet complete, I’m going to chalk it up to a success. I’m proud to have News & Experts as part of our media team.

Debora McLaughlin
Professional Certified Coach, Bestselling Author and Board Certified Psychotherapist

I’ve worked with News & Experts for over 4 years, my publications have made it into major print, Inc, Wall Street Journal, Leadership Excellence, AMA and others, the print and media campaign resulted in becoming a best selling author for my leadership books, twice. Now I write weekly for the 6th largest newspaper in the country. Their expertise, wealth of media connections and fun work ethic has made gaining the visibility for my company easy and built my foundation of thought leadership. As a result my business has grown, I am a sought after speaker and I can spend time doing what I love to do, working with clients and running my company. I’ve referred them to others, including my own personal clients who had the same success. My next book will be coming out in 2017 and News & Experts will again be on the journey! Hire them today as your own expert team.

Leah Miller
CEO of Red Anchor Wealth Management

Sitting in my office with a High Net Worth prospect, I felt like I was being interrogated. The questions included everything from my licenses to my contingency plan. As I listened to the rapid-fire questions, I suddenly realized that it was all just one question, “Do you have the expertise to handle my money?” I wedged in a question of my own and then said, if you want my philosophy on that, just Google “Fox Business with Leah Miller”. The response was magical. After a quick smartphone search, his countenance changed from skepticism to peace, and he was immediately upgraded from prospect to client. One should not expect publicity to be easily measurable, but this is the kind of unbelievable results News & Experts has brought to the table in my first campaign. Incredible visibility, high impact, real value.

Steve Gilliland
Hall of Fame Speaker & BestSelling Author

Thank you News & Experts for under promising and over delivering! Your blueprint for launching and maintaining a Social Media strategy is beyond remarkable.

Gary Miliefsky
Executive Producer, Cyber Defense Magazine

The public relations campaign for Gary Miliefsky was not only the most successful at our company but the most successful I’ve seen in my 20+ year high tech career. It’s definitely about the story and showing the media why it’s so important to share it – we’re filled with a sea of noise on tv, radio and print so to rise above is an incredible testament to News & Experts. Thanks for all that you do – you are truly the best PR team in the world at what you do. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Gary Marriage
CEO/Owner, Nature Coast Financial Advisors, Inc.

Deciding to work with News & Experts has totally changed our image and gained tremendous credibility for our firm. The national media they secured for us has had a powerful impact on the growth of my business.

New clients see us being featured as nationally recognized experts and it strengthens their confidence in our ability to serve them.

News & Experts continue to deliver the results I have been looking for!

Susan Arnout Smith

I love what you’re doing in the social media world on my behalf, and the care with which you do it.

Andrew McNair
President of SWAN Capital, Author, Retirement Expert

When I hired News & Experts, my goal was to be positioned as an expert in top tier media to strengthen my credibility with clients and prospects from these third party endorsements. Your team helped me accomplish that mission by arranging a national TV appearance for me and securing coverage in over sixty publications including Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily and FOX Business. This service was a great investment and I’m utilizing these media hits in all my marketing materials to drive business results!

Patrick Walsh
CEO – AirSign Outdoor & Aerial Advertising

News & Experts’ level of dedication and creativity to my company has completely impressed me. One particular social media strategy they came up with was executed beautifully and resulted in an incredible amount of web traffic and even trended nationwide on Twitter! They have an amazing diverse team of smart and savvy individuals who operate on the cutting edge! The short time that I have been with News & Experts has already had a dramatic effect on my company and I highly recommend The News & Experts team!

Dr. Jaime Kulaga
Author of “Type ‘S'uperWoman – Finding the Work-Life Balance: A Self-Searching Book for Women”

I came to News & Experts after being turned down by another PR agency because I wasn’t well-known and because my book was self-published. Neither point mattered to News & Experts. They said I had great credentials and a message that would resonate with the media. They were right!

During and after my print campaign, I was featured in hundreds of print and online publications, including Glamour, Self and Prevention magazines. It was far more than I ever expected!

Although PR is important — after all, that’s what I was paying for — for me personally, so is communication with me during the process. The News & Experts team’s feedback and belief in me has built my confidence, which has allowed me to take up more opportunities and see more doors open. For that I am forever thankful.

I LOVE News & Experts and would recommend to anyone who is ready to move forward and get their name out there!

Simi Rao
Author of “The Accidental Wife”

Your team has done a wonderful job in promoting me and my work on social media. I am especially pleased with the various posts and by the variety of topics they address. They not only speak of your in depth research but also the sensitivity displayed towards my audience which is of primary importance to me. Thank you!

Berny Doorman
Chairman CEO Space International

News & Experts carries the highest endorsement from CEO Space business development group. The firm assists with brand outreach development plans, social networking as a marketing solution, and explosive promotions for businesses, non-profits, authors and other brands in need of the right publicity. News & Experts is more of a partner than vendor, which is why we at CEO Space use the firm and endorse it to all of our clients in 140 countries. It has helped countless businesses for more than two decades.

Michael E. Gerber
Co-Founder, Chairman Michael E. Gerber Companies™ Creator of The E-Myth Evolution™

Your team is great. They’ve been enthusiastic, committed, welcoming to all suggestions and responsive each and every time we connect. It’s a delight working with them!

Saniel Bonder
Author of Healing the Spirit/Matter Split and Founder of Waking Down in Mutuality

I feel like we’ve got one of the most important collaborations going of my entire life and I’m thrilled to have partners like you at News & Experts.

Philip Rousseau
Financial Professional

Just a quick note to say “Thanks” for doing what you said you would do. With how quick everyone moves in 2013 and all the noise of Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and how to promote your brand you have more than fulfilled your obligation to our firm.

I had been looking into an affordable way to do some PR for over two years and now that we have hired you, we have over a dozen articles on the web, on our homepage, and on our Facebook page.

It amazes me that we were a secret and in a little over 4 months you have brought some national media into my office with some great PR results!

Aurea McGarry
Author of I Won’t Survive…I’ll Thrive

After weeks of intense investigation of several publicity companies, I chose News & Experts to help me create and promote my book tour and I am so glad that I did. I love the fact that there is no monthly fee like so many other firms. News & Experts got me booked on 17 national radio shows and over a dozen television shows in less than one month! And, I paid only for the media I got, so I lost nothing.

Now because of all of their amazing work at getting me out into the national media, I have my very own TV talk show in Atlanta and I am living my legacy bigger then I could ever imagine. I cannot thank Steve, Marsha and all of the News & Experts team enough for all they have done to help my dream come true. I will continue to work with them as my publicist for the rest of my career. They get the job done and more. Thank you News & Experts.

Henry Biernacki
Author: No More Heroes

News & Experts effectively outlines what individuals need to do in order to forge a successful path in self-promoting or marketing their product. In Marsha’s book, “Celebritize Yourself,” I learned immediately the product was not my novel, but rather something far greater. My novel was merely a stronger entrance. Steve and Marsha knew the most influential material in highlighting my message, then passing it on to someone like Ginny Grimsley, who then concentrated on which direction to flow with my promotion.

I must say News & Experts taught me valuable tools to carry forth with this marketing of myself and my book. I learned tremendously from Ginny Grimsley and from News & Experts in general, which was well worth each moment, during the year. I respect all the knowledge you passed on to me.

I certainly hope people find a way to incorporate News & Experts and people like Ginny into their campaign.

Terry Murray
Founder of Performance Transformation, LLC

Traditional PR firms can be very expensive, requiring substantial monthly retainers while simultaneously guaranteeing they’ll to do their best to get you media exposure. That sentence is usually followed up with a caveat of the nebulous nature of the 24/7 news cycle and how all PR firms are constrained by the whims of the media.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Fortunately, we work with perhaps one of the only PR firm that actual works on a pay-for-performance philosophy. Our PR firm, News & Experts, is led by Marsha and Steve Friedman and their remarkable staff of seasoned, creative and talented media experts. They work on a set budget that guarantees media placement. They just don’t toss you to the lions, either. Senior Campaign Manager Alex Hinojosa and Creative Director Penny Carnathan work diligently to design and align a media strategy that truly optimizes our return on investment. Alex is a brilliant media coach as well. He thoroughly prepared me for how best to communicate my message during radio interviews. Rich Ghazarian, our radio campaign manager, has booked us on many syndicated, terrestrial radio programs that have high ratings and are heard throughout the country. These aren’t internet podcasts, we’re talking broadcasts.

If you’ve been burned by agencies that promised the world and delivered little more than a monthly invoice I highly recommend the News & Experts team! They’re the perfect fit for entrepreneurs looking to build their credibility, visibility, and reach for a very reasonable investment.

Jimmy Hoffa, Jr.
Past President of the Teamsters Union

News & Experts played a crucial role in my campaign for Teamster President. I appeared on talk shows in virtually every media market and they secured television and print coverage wherever I campaigned!

Janet Pfeiffer
President & CEO of Pfeiffer Power Seminars and Author of The Secret Side of Anger

I am so grateful to all of you at News & Experts. Working with all of you has been one of the best career decisions I’ve ever made. Hope we can keep going for years to come.

Carol Roth
Business Strategist, and Intercap Merchant Partners

I have worked with News & Experts on a few campaigns and I am very impressed with their attention to detail, tenacity and follow-through.

Dr. John Taylor
CEO & President, Natural Wellness Centers of America, Inc., Author of The Wonder of Probiotics

I have hired other so-called pr firms in the past that have promised me interviews and media coverage but did not do anything that they promised. News & Experts has done exactly what they said they would do! They secured 30 radio interviews all over the country for me, as they promised they would, including some really big names like the G. Gordon Liddy show. The fact that News & Experts got such a high percentage of syndicated shows gave me broader coverage and better results.

I would definitely recommend News & Experts to others who are interested in getting the exposure for their company or product.

Mark Webb
President & CEO High Energy Labs, Inc.

It was wonderful working with the staff at News & Experts. They are very professional, friendly and easy to work with. They were able to book over 30 interviews for me with top stations. I even had stations calling me back and wanting to book second interviews with me for free. His team is well respected and spoken of highly in the industry. I recommend using News & Experts for your media and promotional needs.

Vernon Schmidt
Author of Appliance Handbook for Women: Simple Enough Even a Man Can Understand

The 1st article pushed the book to #1 on in the home repair section and has keep it in the top 100 since. It also promoted several TV, radio and magazine interviews. Woman’s World has done a couple of articles. So I am now officially a “Bestseller.”