Talk Radio Can Increase Your Book’s Profile

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Experts predict that recent shake-ups in the radio industry will cause the popularity of talk radio to soar to never-before-reached heights. Recent technological breakthroughs like the iPod, mp3’s, and satellite radio have changed the way that consumers listen to music.

As a result, uncertainty in the radio industry is causing many stations to rethink their formats, with the trend moving to talk. Program managers at FM stations all over the country are replacing music programming with all-talk formats, resulting in an explosion of talk radio shows.

This talk invasion on FM radio will introduce droves of new listeners to the talk format. Satellite radio will also have a profound affect on the world of talk radio as Howard Stern moves his wildly popular terrestrial radio show over to satellite radio. The move is expected to bring hundreds of thousands of new subscribers to satellite radio and opening up a new chapter in the history of talk radio. The soon-to-be fierce competition between satellite and terrestrial radio will result in better and more compelling talk radio that will likely expand its audience exponentially.

So what does this surge in popularity of FM talk radio and satellite talk radio mean to the publishing industry? It demonstrates what a viable promotional vehicle talk radio is for book promotion. With the increasing number of talk shows, there will be more opportunities for authors to get on the air and talking about their books. And with talk radio exploding across satellite radio and the FM dial, there will be hordes of new listeners, searching for the “next big thing.”

Authors and publishers have always known that terrestrial talk radio is a great place to promote books, but the increase of FM talk and the introduction of satellite radio has raised it to a whole new level. Satellite radio has opened up a whole new world of untapped potential for authors looking to get more exposure for their books. This burgeoning medium is a virtual goldmine of publicity, just waiting to be taken advantage of. Opportunity is knocking. Now is a good time for authors and publishers to answer that door.

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