Make Sure Your Website Has the Right Stuff

Most people realize, whether they’re running a business, a professional practice, selling their product or book, or building their brand, they need to have a website. Having a spot on some other person’s or business’s site, whether it’s a profile on LinkedIn or a book on Amazon, isn’t the same – and it isn’t enough. […]

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Myths About Publicity

What It Does and Who Gets It Judging from the questions I’m asked by people from every walk of life, misconceptions about publicity – what it can do and who can get it – abound. By definition, publicity is media coverage you get because you’re deemed to be of interest to an audience. If a […]

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Keep Web Visitors Returning With Blogging

If you want your website to show up in Google searches (and you do!) you need to post fresh, engaging content on a regular basis. That also gives visitors a reason to keep returning to your site and to linger there awhile. Many people do this by featuring a blog on their site. It’s a […]

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