4 Reasons Why Live Video Should Be Your Latest Publicity Tool

Anyone who tunes in to television news is familiar with those moments when the anchor announces dramatically that “we are now going live” to a reporter who’s on the scene of whatever extraordinary event has grabbed the attention of the news crews. But in all your years of watching such broadcasts did you ever imagine […]

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Seeing Your PR Campaign In 4-D

With movies such as “Logan,” “Alien: Covenant” and many others being filmed in 3-D these days, I started thinking about how a good PR campaign also has its own 3-D elements. Although since there are four types of media outlets – TV, radio, social media and print (offline and online) – what you really need […]

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How To Handle The Media’s Tough Questions – And Come Out Smiling

What makes for a good talk radio or TV show, or a captivating newspaper or magazine article? Often, it’s a little controversy – just the thing many people being interviewed by the media hope to avoid. They want a friendly chat, but they fear an inquisition. I confess to a mixed view here. I understand […]

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How To Make Your TV Interview A Rousing Success

Landing a television interview is a promotional coup that’s your chance to reveal to the world – or at least a portion of it – your charm, wit and intelligence while promoting your business, your book or product, but most importantly, yourself. Before you get too caught up reveling in the moment, though, you need […]

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Are You Ready for the TV Spotlight?

One of the many great ways to gain publicity is to go on television and share your expertise with a wide audience. It’s such a perfect venue for getting your message across. Viewers at home see you, get a feel for your personality and learn something about what you have to offer them. For these […]

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Find Great Publicity on Local TV Stations

I often emphasize the need for a multi-media approach to public relations: getting your message out on at least a couple of the traditional media (radio, print, TV) that your target audience is using while also building your social media marketing. But people sometimes tell me, “I just don’t have time for lots of radio […]

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Media Exposure is Marketing Gold – If You Know How to Use It

For anyone trying to build a business, sell a product or get their book into the hands of more consumers, the implicit endorsement that comes from being interviewed by the media is what I call “marketing gold.” […]

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Going Away for the Holidays? The Media Won’t

The media doesn’t shut down during the holidays. The newspaper still arrives at your door every morning and when you turn on the radio or TV, you’ll find all the same shows are on the air. Admittedly, the holiday staff are the people who drew the short straws – but there they are on the air, behind the scenes, writing stories and generating the news we consume daily, without fail, even during our most cherished holidays. […]

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Christmas in August?

The fourth quarter – that holiday spending season between October and December – is still a month and a half away, so I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m riffing on a holiday classic. Read on and find out why you need to prepare for the holiday sales season now. […]

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Why Can’t I Just Talk About My Book On The Air? Why Using the Media to Sell Books is a Finesse Play

Authors expect they can use the media as a venue to talk about their books, while the media is only interested in them for their expertise and the information or entertainment they can offer their audiences. […]

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Is the TV Commercial Dying? Why What Happens Between the Commercials Has Become Even More Important

The Nielsen Company tracks the audience viewership of TV programs so that programmers and advertisers can get a handle on how many people are watching certain shows. Programmers take that data and figure out how much they’ll charge to advertise on their shows. Of course, they pay attention to key demographics and more granular statistics, but at the end of the day, this is the data that helps them figure out that they’re going to charge $3 million per minute to advertise on The Super Bowl broadcast and $1 – $3.80 per minute on reruns of the recent reboot of Hawaii Five-0. […]

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How to Give a Great Print Media Interview: Five Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

In TV and radio, interview times are pre-arranged. However, print and online journalists typically have daily and weekly deadlines. When they call you, they need you right then! In many cases, journalists will reach out to several experts on a news item and then choose the one who is the better interview or whoever responded quickest (or a combination of the two). The more reliably you respond, the more likely they will call on you again. […]

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How to Prepare for the Big Interview

After more than 20 years in the public relations business, I’ve discovered one universal truth: There’s really nothing quite as important as preparing for an interview.

After all, if you’ve gone through all the trouble of studying the news, reading about the issues and creating a set of resonant messages and have used them to score an interview with a journalist, why would you want to wing it? The problem is most people prepare for an interview by asking themselves the questions THEY would ask THEMSELVES, instead of asking the questions a professional journalist would likely ask them. That’s where I have seen many campaigns run off the rails before they begin. […]

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Planning on Booking Your Own TV Publicity?

It’s not unusual for a producer to be interested in your pitch, but want the interview to be done at a location that illustrates what the story is about. TV, after all, is a visual medium.

A great example that comes to mind is a client who is an expert on how to deal with foreclosure – a timely topic, unfortunately. He was traveling around the country to cities experiencing high percentages of foreclosures and in each city we obtained media coverage for him. But in Phoenix, Arizona, the producer didn’t want just a “talking head” interview. She agreed to do the interview only if it could be at a foreclosure property. And of course it was up to us to locate a suitable site, get permission to shoot the interview there, and ensure the TV crew had access when they arrived. After many, many phone calls to pull all of this together, the location was finalized, permission was obtained and the client’s TV interview was confirmed. In fact, it turned out to be one of the client’s best interviews. […]

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Want to Get on TV? Follow a Daily News Routine to Increase Your Chances

A daily routine of following breaking news and popular stories is the first and most essential step in my formula for how you can get interviewed by the media. If you are Internet savvy and prefer to get your news digitally, tracking news trends will be a breeze. There are many online news outlets, such as Yahoo, MSN, CNN and AOL, that prominently feature on their sites the most searched and significant news events each day. There are also other online services, such as Google Alerts, Digg, and others, that allow users to stay on top of the hot topics. If your preference – like me – is to watch the news on TV and/or read daily newspapers, those are also effective methods for keeping up with the news cycles. Whether you prefer traditional or digital news, the key thing is to establish a news-tracking routine and stick to it. It will orient you as to which news topics are getting the most attention, and will be a strong predictor of which stories are most likely to have a longer cycle on TV news outlets.Read More…

How to Get the Media Interested in You: You May Be Newsworthy Without Even Knowing It

Many new clients come to us with a strong opinion about what their “pitch” should be, but often miss the mark, in terms of knowing what will get the media to sit up and pay attention to their message. But it’s very understandable that this could occur, if you’re not working with the media the way we do, day in and day out, developing story angles intended to grab their interest.

How to Get Local TV to Cover Your Event

If the key to your event is getting press to come, then you need to be able to get their interest and participation. That’s why I’ve jotted down the following tips to help you get the word out to the press in a way that will give you a high percentage shot at having them attend. […]

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