Content Marketing Can Get You Leads and It’s Free

When I suggest to people that they give away their best tips, tricks and advice for free as a means of marketing themselves, some look at me aghast. “But then why would anyone want to buy my book/service/product?” they ask. Because when you provide them with something of value, they not only become familiar with […]

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Having Trouble Connecting With the Media?

Try These Tips for Tweaking Your Delivery   Article at a glance: Don’t use ‘Please read’ as your email subject line. Do your homework before calling or emailing. Respect the journalist’s time.  It’s beyond frustrating to discover that one of the first steps in your media campaign is a doozy. Connecting with the print, radio […]

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Don’t be a Stooge When It Comes to Marketing

Article at a glance: If you hire a PR firm, let it do its job. Go ahead and make waves – get noticed! Never believe ‘no one’s interested in you.’ The guys I know are all looking forward to The Three Stooges remake opening in theaters this weekend. They think Moe, Larry and Curly’s harebrained […]

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Afraid of Getting Burned as a Guest on the Radio Hot Seat?

Tips for Taking on the Tough Questions Article at a glance: A lively debate makes for a memorable interview. Prepare yourself by writing down bullet points. Invest in media coaching. What makes good talk radio? Often, it’s a good argument – just the thing a lot of first-time guests hope to avoid. They hear shock […]

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