Do You Want to Be On the Big Talk Shows? Then You Need to Get the Media Talking About You

It is totally valid to aim for appearances on the top TV and radio talk shows – that’s the brass ring we all hope for. But the best and most effective way to get the attention of top show hosts and producers is to already be in the media, on the news, building buzz. And to accomplish that, you should embrace every marketing and PR opportunity in order to heighten national attention and raise consumer awareness of your company and products. […]

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How to Get On Oprah

In my 20 years in the public relations business, if I had a nickel for every time a client asked me to get them on Oprah it is safe to say that I would be a very wealthy woman at this point in my career Oprah is indeed the gold standard, and her show carries weight not only because of Oprah’s massive viewership, but also because they’re loyal. She brings with her tens of millions of loyal viewers who trust her so implicitly, that they buy practically any book she recommends, any product she endorses and follow her advice on just about every topic from politics and parenting to bowling and basket-weaving. And when most PR Agencies are faced with that request, they smile and nod and tell their clients they’ll do their best, but we all know what it really takes to get on Oprah. […]

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