So, You Want to Be The Next Big Talk Show Star?

We’ve all said it at least once in our lives. It usually happens when we’re watching TV and a talk show host is stumbling over their words or simply… […]

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WGN Coming Up on 90th Anniversary: Flagship Chicago Radio Station’s Longevity Confirms Medium’s Vitality

WGN not only groomed vital broadcasters, but it was also home to some of the most entertaining ones. Longtime Chicago Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray, who called games for the Cubbies from 1982 until 1997, will long be remembered by Chicago natives for his love of the city and where his namesake restaurant still serves the Cubs’ faithful. Others outside of Chicago will remember Caray for the outrageous way comedians like Jay Mohr, Will Ferrell and others lampooned Caray over the years. […]

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Talk Radio’s Industry Insider, Michael Harrison, Shares His Insights and Takes the Tough Questions

Look, I can understand guests wanting to be on big stations and logically, to a certain extent, size does matter. However, there is a huge difference between selling Coke or car insurance (like GEICO) to the masses and selling a book, a philosophy or a specialized small business product to targeted segments of the population. Arbitron’s basic mission is to give advertising agencies, concerned with making large spot buys for big clients, a thumbnail overview of very general statistics such as the age and gender of mass audiences. […]

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When it Comes to Talk Radio, You Can’t Judge by Size Alone

Typically, people engaging in talk radio-based PR campaigns will use market size and wattage of the stations they choose to pitch as a benchmark for a successful campaign. That’s usually a safe bet, but that being said, it’s important not to overlook some of the smaller market, smaller wattage stations. There are a lot of diamonds in that rough to be found. […]

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You Need Publicity For Your Book…Where Do You Start and What Do You Look For?

If you want to sell your book to the masses, you have to get out there and publicize it. You need to be on the radio, in magazines and newspapers, on the TV and the Internet. The more the public hears about you and your message, the more likely it is your book will stand out from the hundreds of thousands of other books published every year. You probably already know all this, but you may not have any idea how to get started. […]

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7 Things to Know Before Marketing Your Consumable Product on Radio and TV

Okay, first point:

1/ Is your product better suited for a TV commercial or a radio spot? Does it need to be seen to be understood? Consumable products are usually in pill, powder, cream or liquid form—things that don’t need to be demonstrated to be sold. That being the case, consider using radio, a convincing and affordable way to go. Next… […]

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8 PR Insider Tips to Build Your Business through Radio and TV Interviews

It is no surprise to hear that media interviews are among the most effective yet least known marketing methods you could ever use to promote your company, products and services.

But as good as these interviews are, they can be made even more effective.
As with most things, there are insider techniques that can help radio and TV interview “first-timers” do a powerful job. […]

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The Changing Face of the Media

In my nearly twenty years in the publicity industry, I have seen a fair bit of evolution in how the media reaches their audience. Some newspapers and magazines have turned into websites or blogs and several television shows have turned into streaming videos on YouTube. Talk radio seems to be the only media outlet that has remained untouched, right? Wrong!

If we use the 1990’s as a reference point (and all of you radio pros from that era will back me up on this) the landscape of talk radio has most definitely changed from then until now. In the 90’s the average time allotted for a guest interview was anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes and most of the interviews took place in-studio. […]

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If You Want to Succeed…Start Locally!

Getting your company noticed in this tough economic climate has become harder than ever before for many companies. With mounting competition and shrinking budgets, the question arises: how do I let consumers know that my company exist, on both a national and a local level?!

While national media exposure is ideal, there is great power in local media exposure as well. By focusing on your hometown media outlets you will be able to build a solid base of fame and recognition from which to grow on. Creating as much “buzz” as you can locally will compliment your national campaign to no end and it also gives you invaluable media experience when the national media starts to knock on your door. […]

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Seven PR Secrets for Getting on Talk Radio as a Guest to Promote Your Business

Getting interviewed on talk radio shows is one of the best ways for their products and services to become known by a wide audience. In fact, talk radio is more popular than ever, and with the increases in specialty programming that cover a wide gamut of topics, there is more opportunity than ever to become a talk show guest. […]

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Exclusive Interview with Michael Harrison, Founder of Talkers Magazine, Part 1

Ok… as you probably know, I’m a big vocal supporter of talk radio, not only for its entertainment and educational value, but, also because of its value for promoting books, products and services. One person in particular who shares my viewpoint is the founder of Talkers Magazine, Michael Harrison. And let me tell you, when it comes to someone who has their finger firmly on the pulse of talk radio…this is the man!

A maverick in the world of radio broadcasting […]

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Four Tips To Get Talk Radio Hosts Interested in Your Product or Service

Talk radio interviews are one of the bases of a potential sales homerun. In fact, they’re custom-made for companies who want quick, affordable national exposure for their products or services. […]

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