PR: The Engine Behind Social Media How SMM: Is Driven By Public Relations Campaigns

When using social networks for a commercial purpose, like promoting a company, product or service, you have to recognize that you’re twisting the original purpose of the network to suit your business needs. If you’re too overt about it, other users may feel you are hijacking the network as a sales tool and they can be very not nice about how they express their displeasure. […]

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5 Tips for Using Social Media to Build Your Opt-In List

The truth is that being an active and diligent social media marketer, posting and participating with consistent frequency, does not guarantee your messages are going to be seen by everyone you would like to reach. And it’s understandable…people are busy. Some log on to their social networks at different times of day than when you happen to be on, others get involved only sporadically, while some group participants may only check in to see what’s happening in their group every few weeks. […]

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New Rules of Social Media Expert – David Meerman Scott

What the social media and social networking sites do is that they allow companies for the first time to earn attention by creating something really interesting on the web. You can earn attention by doing a YouTube video, by creating a blog, by being on Twitter, by being on Facebook. […]

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Viral Marketing Specialist David Meerman Scott Discusses Social Media and Networking

Last week I sent you Part 1 of my interview with David Meerman Scott. As a recap, David is the author of the number-one bestseller “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” (Wiley…published in 22 languages) and his hit new book “World Wide Rave” (Wiley). David is an internationally recognized viral marketing strategist and speaker at conferences and corporate events around the world. Below is Part 2 about the marketing value of social networking, which I hope you will enjoy as much as I did! Next week we will conclude the series with Part 3. […]

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