Who Do They Trust? New Study Reveals Bloggers Drive Consumers More Than Celebrities

Keeping in mind there are hundreds of thousands of bloggers on the Internet today, there are some who drive opinions far better than even celebrity endorsements. According to the 2011 Social Media Matters study by BlogHer.com, women who read blogs routinely trust implicitly the advice and recommendations they receive, especially if it is from a blogger they follow on a regular basis. […]

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PR: The Engine Behind Social Media How SMM: Is Driven By Public Relations Campaigns

When using social networks for a commercial purpose, like promoting a company, product or service, you have to recognize that you’re twisting the original purpose of the network to suit your business needs. If you’re too overt about it, other users may feel you are hijacking the network as a sales tool and they can be very not nice about how they express their displeasure. […]

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It’s Not Enough to Use Social Media: It’s Knowing How to Use it Effectively

While Social Networking started with no commercial intent, it has become a fact of life for many businesses who are engaged in Social Media Marketing (SMM). Commercial concerns are becoming a big part of Facebook and Twitter more and more each day. […]

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Why Using Facebook and “The Twitter” Aren’t Enough

How can you use social networks to grow your business and promote your book? Well, you have to adjust your intentions! I love the quote from motivational speaker John Maxwell, who said, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!”
In other words, don’t try to push your promotional messages through those channels. If you provide advice from your expert’s point of view that actually helps the reader, you will create a following of people wanting to know more about you. For example, if you’re a tax advisor who wrote a book or launched a new Web site, use your update to give people useful tax tips. If they like your advice they’ll look at your profile, where you can passively place your business contact information. […]

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5 Tips for Using Social Media to Build Your Opt-In List

The truth is that being an active and diligent social media marketer, posting and participating with consistent frequency, does not guarantee your messages are going to be seen by everyone you would like to reach. And it’s understandable…people are busy. Some log on to their social networks at different times of day than when you happen to be on, others get involved only sporadically, while some group participants may only check in to see what’s happening in their group every few weeks. […]

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