What PR Success Looks Like In A Data-Driven World

We often hear people express puzzlement about the value of PR. What’s my ROI, they wonder, and how do I determine it? Sometimes the confusion lies around these same people’s very good understanding of the value of direct-response advertising, which is designed to get instant results by encouraging people to take some sort of action […]

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Are You Looking for a Literary Agent

What Is The Book Industry Telling Fiction & Business Authors About Traditional Publishing? The same things we are! It was nice to get that validation earlier this month at the 31st annual Cocoa Beach Writers Conference. Our vice president for media operations, Alex Hinojosa, attended as a workshop speaker – and took the opportunity to attend a […]

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The True ROI of Public Relations: What Do You REALLY Get From a PR Campaign

The truth is, the ROI of PR is very different than the ROI of advertising and no less valuable. But, because of the differences, it requires an altogether different yardstick than advertising’s traditional cost-benefit analysis. […]

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