Afraid of Getting Burned as a Guest on the Radio Hot Seat?

Tips for Taking on the Tough Questions Article at a glance: A lively debate makes for a memorable interview. Prepare yourself by writing down bullet points. Invest in media coaching. What makes good talk radio? Often, it’s a good argument – just the thing a lot of first-time guests hope to avoid. They hear shock […]

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If You Want to Succeed…Start Locally!

Getting your company noticed in this tough economic climate has become harder than ever before for many companies. With mounting competition and shrinking budgets, the question arises: how do I let consumers know that my company exist, on both a national and a local level?!

While national media exposure is ideal, there is great power in local media exposure as well. By focusing on your hometown media outlets you will be able to build a solid base of fame and recognition from which to grow on. Creating as much “buzz” as you can locally will compliment your national campaign to no end and it also gives you invaluable media experience when the national media starts to knock on your door. […]

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