How to Promote Your Product or Book During Your Radio Interview

Remember, the radio hosts who interview you are not just considered hosts – they are radio personalities. Their names are typically attached to their show. This is not a matter of ego or vanity…the station develops their profiles so they become local, or even national, celebrities, creating a fan base and loyal listeners. Don’t try to take over the show. Don’t try to be funnier than the host. Don’t try to wisecrack to the host, thinking that you can gain points with the audience by “busting his chops.” The host is the leader, and if he likes you, his listeners will like you, too. Your smartest strategy is to engage the host and follow his lead. If you do, the interview will be smooth, the interplay will be congenial, and the host may well ask you back. At the very least, he’ll be more sincere about promoting your book or company. […]

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Four Tips To Get Talk Radio Hosts Interested in Your Product or Service

Talk radio interviews are one of the bases of a potential sales homerun. In fact, they’re custom-made for companies who want quick, affordable national exposure for their products or services. […]

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