How to Develop a News Hook for Your News Release

In the 20+ years I’ve been in public relations, one of the most difficult elements of the game to teach clients is that the press is not a service organization whose sole purpose is to cover what PR people pitch them. Their business model is simple; they exist to inform and entertain their readers, so they can grow their subscriber base and sell advertising against those numbers.So, if you want to participate in the “press game” it is vital to recognize what wins the press loyal readers and increases their circulation…and then help them to do it! Step one is to get together a power-packed pitch. According to the Associated Press Stylebook the preferred term for a press release is not press release; it’s NEWS release. […]

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How To Get Good PR Without the Big Retainers

Companies wanting to make the most of their PR budgets these days are discovering one of the industry’s best kept secrets that is effective, mitigates risk and beats the traditional retainer-based agency in every way. It’s called Pay-For-Performance PR. There are only a handful of agencies that operate on this fee basis amongst the tens of thousands of PR firms throughout the entire U.S. […]

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A Marketing Strategy for Authors That Works!

If you are looking to find out how appearances on television can build your company profile and generate leads to online and bricks and mortar stores, then read on. […]

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What’s The Future of Talk Radio? Michael Harrison Interview, Part 2

CEO of EMS Incorporated, Marsha Friedman interviews Talkers Magazine founder Michael Harrison about the future of talk radio. […]

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Can the Power of PR Power Your Company Through the Recession?

With the current economic climate, it is more important than ever before for marketing departments to stretch their budgets. Here is a tip how. […]

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It Is NOT Too Late to Promote Your Products for the Holidays!

As talk radio “insiders” we know what the hosts and producers are currently thinking about. Right now, they are gearing up for the pre and post holiday season. Why? Because most producers and hosts go on vacation during the holidays and as a result their show goes on “hiatus.” During this hiatus they run “best of” shows instead of new programming. So in the run up to their vacation, hosts and producers are deciding: who they will be interviewing as guests in December, which shows they will re-run during hiatus and finally who they will be interviewing during the first week of the New Year. The final point is very important to them, as the last thing they want to do when they come back from vacation is to have to scramble for guests.

The advantage for our clients is that we not only understand the timing and scheduling of […]

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Appearances on Local Television Can Build “Buzz” for Your Products

Television producers are looking for guests who will entertain and educate their audience. So if your products solve a common problem that faces the masses then TV could be a great promotional medium for you. The challenge is knowing how to pitch your segment idea to television producers in a way that they can see the direct benefit to their viewers. […]

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Get Stores Calling You to Stock Your Product On Their Shelves

Are you having to fight to get into new stores and at the same time battle for prime shelf space? Here’s an inside tip about how to turn the tables in the battle for shelf space in retail outlets. It’s called “reverse distribution.” […]

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Economic Downturn Slices Corporate Marketing Budgets

Although corporations may understand the power of public relations, many assume that a media-focused PR campaign is beyond their fiscal reach. This comes down to the fact that most traditional public relations firms charge hefty monthly retainers without offering any guaranteed results. […]

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8 “Insider PR Tips” to Build Your Business

Few marketers know a thing about using radio and TV interviews to promote their products and generate sales. Which comes as no surprise since media interviews are among the most effective yet least known marketing methods you could ever use. […]

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