How to Get Talk Radio Hosts Interested in Your Book

If you’re hoping to turn your book into a sensation you can’t afford to overlook talk radio. Your book isn’t going to sell itself, so you need to do everything you can to get the word out. By generating word-of-mouth on talk radio shows around the country, you can create that all-important buzz that can transform your book into a bona fide hit. […]

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Talk Radio Can Increase Your Book’s Profile

Experts predict that recent shake-ups in the radio industry will cause the popularity of talk radio to soar to never-before-reached heights. Recent technological breakthroughs like the iPod, mp3’s, and satellite radio have changed the way that consumers listen to music. […]

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TV & Radio Guest Spots Can Help You Build Your Business

Who doesn’t want to get the word out about their company, service, or product? As a publicity expert with more than twenty years experience in the field, I have encountered hundreds of companies who have wanted the same thing. My answer is to appear as a guest on local radio and TV news shows which will enable you to get the word out to thousands – and possibly millions – of consumers. […]

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4 Tips for Obtaining PR in Newspapers and Magazines

Every company would like to sell more units and increase profits…after all, that’s the nature of business! But if you want to sell, sell, sell, you need to first PR, PR, PR! Public relations is a cost-effective way to give you company, product or service the national or local media attention that it deserves. One of the most popular PR mediums is print. The biggest misconception is that a simple press release will get you guaranteed exposure in print. The problem is that if the publication has no interest in your subject, then you are out of luck! […]

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How to Generate Positive PR for Your Business

If you are focused on successfully growing your business, then a terrific way to do so is to harness the intense power of public relations. PR, as you probably already know, is the non-paid exposure of a person or business, its products or services. […]

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