How To Hire The Best PR Firm For You

Dr. Arianna Sholes-Douglas

I often talk to people who know they need publicity and want professional help to get it but find hiring PR agencies to be a confusing and daunting task. That’s understandable. Public relations firms differ in a thousand ways, it seems. For one, they use different business models – some charge monthly retainer fees while […]

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Big Interview? Engage The Host And The Audience Will Take Care Of Itself

It’s finally happened! You’ve been working on your publicity efforts, trying to land a radio or TV interview, and now the show is scheduled. Since this is what you wanted, why are you starting to nervously ask yourself: What have I done? Jitters! Stage fright! Call it what you will, it’s perfectly normal to get […]

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The Advantage Women In Business Have With Being Interviewed In The Media

Men and women both regularly experience successful publicity campaigns, promoting their position as authorities in their fields by being quoted in the press, interviewed on the air and building a following on social media. But (sorry, men) I think that women often enjoy an advantage on the PR front. […]

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How Social Media Defines Your Marketing Audience With Precision

When it comes to marketing your brand, the most critical factor is to know who your target audience is and then find the best way to reach out to them. As you look to 2018, and make plans to promote your product or services in the coming year, one thing to consider is just how […]

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Why People Share On Social Media And Why That Matters To Brands

Every day people start their day by checking in on social media – and before too long the sharing of memes, posts, videos and cat pictures starts in earnest on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. What’s driving all that sharing? Lots of things, probably, but to boil it down to its essence, people share […]

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How To Give Journalists What They Need – And Avoid Irritating Them

A big part of the publicity game is attracting the attention of the media and persuading them to interview you. But what happens when you’ve been successful in getting the media to look your way, only to find yourself wide-eyed, nervous and murmuring, “What now?” Governors, mayors and assorted movie stars and athletes are accustomed […]

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Timing is Everything When Big News Happens

An otherwise quiet Friday in our office quickly ratcheted up to high-alert level this past week when a major news story broke and journalists from far and wide pounded on our doors – or at least our email inboxes! Just like that, our print-campaign team was extraordinarily busy – and extraordinarily thrilled! We happened to […]

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From Anonymity Into The Media Spotlight

When their teams enjoy a great day on the gridiron, football players love to celebrate with high fives and end zone dances. I can happily report that our team isn’t much different when we experience wonderful successes in the media for our clients! And, we’ve had plenty of reason to dance around our office these […]

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5 Myths About Publicity: What It Does And Who Gets It

Judging from the questions I’m asked by people from every walk of life, misconceptions about publicity – what it can do and who can get it – abound. By definition, publicity is media coverage you get because you’re deemed to be of interest to an audience. If a journalist or talk show host thinks you […]

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No Need To Nibble Around The Edges! Marketing Is A Full-Course Meal

Someone recently posed a question to me that is definitely worth sharing because it’s a subject that comes up from time to time and applies to everyone trying to promote their personal or business brand. This person knew that an array of marketing options exist – social media, radio shows, print media, a book, TV, […]

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Tailor Your Message To Match The Media’s Needs

One of the challenges we often face at EMSI is helping our clients understand the need to tailor their message – or even condense it – so that it appeals to busy editors and producers whose email inboxes are inundated with pitches. That’s the name of the game with publicity. If you can’t sell the […]

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Are You Set Up For A Successful Social Media Campaign

After months – or more likely years – of hearing about how you need to include social media as a vital part of your branding strategy, you’re finally convinced.

You’ve decided to take the plunge!

But hold on there! While you want to take advantage of this up-to-date venue for promoting your personal or business brand, are you properly prepared to take on a social media campaign that will accomplish your goals? […]

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How To Squeeze The Most Out Of Every Print Appearance

  When I chat with our clients about the print coverage we’ve been getting for them, I always ask what they’re doing to get the greatest mileage out of all that coverage. Way too frequently the answer is either “little” or “nothing,” outside of possibly posting a link to the article on their website. What […]

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An Active Presence On Social Media Can Head Off Bad Publicity

I’m going to guess that if you wanted to track down the origin of consumer complaints, you would end up somewhere around the very first time humans got together to trade goods and services. Being unhappy with a transaction is a universal feeling – and was probably just as frustrating thousands of years ago as […]

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Blazing A Trail Of Publicity Until The Paparazzi Get Here

We all love to dream big, so I guess it’s no surprise that at EMSI we occasionally speak with people who expect to leapfrog over what they consider the “lesser” media and land a spot in the chair next to Ellen or be quoted in the New York Times. My husband and business partner, Steve, […]

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Don’t Let Your 2016 Marketing Goals Get Derailed

A few weeks ago, I talked about the importance of setting your marketing goals for the New Year so that 2016 is everything you hope it will be. Now, just one month into the year, let’s take a look at those goals to see if you’re on track to achieving the objectives you set for […]

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How Identifying Your Passion Helps Promote Your Brand

I love it when I speak with CEOs who understand they need to venture beyond their corner offices and be the face of their companies. They know if they can convey the passion they feel for what they do, that will go a long way in stimulating interest in both their personal brand and corporate […]

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Matching Your Message To New Year Resolutions

The end of the year can get hectic. Traveling. Baking. Decorating. Gift buying. All those activities and more can occupy much of your time even as you’re still trying to keep up with the usual day-to-day responsibilities. With your attention drawn elsewhere, it’s easy to let excellent PR opportunities slip by and be gone forever […]

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