How to Market Your Product or Service on Radio & TV – Without Buying Advertising Time!

What you may not realize is that TV and radio talk shows are always looking to interview quality experts who will help them entertain and inform their audiences. Regardless of the product you’d like to promote, with the correct PR strategy you can land these priceless interviews, and when you do, it’s pure marketing gold!

Why are these interviews so valuable? You see, when you or your spokesperson is on the air, you’re on as part of a regular show with a host the audience has come to trust. By interviewing you, the host is giving an implicit endorsement so the listeners believe you – they’re hearing about you from their trusted friend. And they tell their own audience in turn. […]

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A Marketing Strategy for Authors That Works!

If you are looking to find out how appearances on television can build your company profile and generate leads to online and bricks and mortar stores, then read on. […]

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When Should TV Appearances Be Part of Your PR & Marketing Strategy?

TV viewers not only hear you: they see you, they see your product, they see a graph or powerpoint that defines your service. So, if you look good, communicate effectively, and present your message in a way that resonates with the viewers, well…the connection is made! One of our clients told us…

“I found that you get almost instant results with TV. When you appear on a television show, people believe what you have to say and as a result you get to reach tons of people in a ‘real’ way. And the results are tremendous. From one TV appearance alone I got close to 1,000 subscribers to my newsletter.”

Sounds good, right? But, unfortunately, TV isn’t a match for everyone. To know if you qualify as a guest, the question to consider is, “does your message have mass appeal?”

You see, television producers are looking for guests that will keep their audiences tuned in! The more viewers they have, the higher the show’s ratings, the more ad dollars the stations can charge. So, finding qualified guests with a message that will connect with their viewers is an important goal. If you have a valuable segment for TV that meets this criterion, then it’s a win-win for you and the show. […]

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