What You Can Learn About Publicity from Manti Te’o

And How It Can Get Your Story in Print By all accounts, traditional print publications such as newspapers and magazines are on their way out. You could have fooled me! As the recent story about Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o illustrates, they’re powerful! […]

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How Do You Know Which Medium Is Right For Your Message?

Five hundred press releases is the average number delivered to the New York Times every day. When you get to major metropolitan daily newspapers, the number drops to about 250, and 100 for community weeklies. Most local TV stations are in the 200 range and radio is around 100.

Per day.

So, with competition like that, how do you make the most of your PR campaign and not get lost in the shuffle?

Well, the first step is to look at your message and ask yourself a few pointed questions. Is it newsworthy? Is it consumer related? Could it have a local twist? Is there a visual aspect to it? Is it a topic I can have a long conversation about? What age group am I targeting? Is there an income bracket I’m targeting? […]

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