How Effective Are Your Press Releases in Getting You Press?

So, how are you supposed to communicate with the media? It comes down to using the right tool for the right job. Depending on your specific needs, there are ways of communicating with the press that will get their attention and have a better chance of resulting in news coverage of your company. […]

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The Five Pieces of the Press Release Puzzle

The best place to start your publicity initiative is by writing one of the best marketing tools available: the press release.

When it comes to press releases most people believe they just can write one, email it to a radio or television station and sit back and wait for the avalanche of phone calls. But as time passes and no producers are beating down their door, they make a few phone calls to the producers and hosts only to discover that no one even read the release in the first place.

The following are the important components of radio and TV press releases which will make your show idea come to life for producers and hosts, as well as position you ahead of the pack. […]

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