Why Getting Published Will Help Your Business

You know what hard work is. You’ve put in the long hours, worked late into the night, done more working than eating during the lunch hour—all to ensure the success of your business.

You may be thinking about what else you can do to get the news of your products or services more broadly known within your target market. Or, you might be brainstorming future steps to expand your business and make it even more successful.

In either case, one immensely valuable marketing strategy can be summed up in two words: get published!

Now, you may be tempted to dismiss this out of hand…after all, you have a profession, and very likely it isn’t “writer.” But there are many ways to be published and each, separately or in combination, can be incalculably valuable in terms of its contribution to your marketing efforts.

We’re talking about:

* Articles written about you, or by you, which are published in newspapers and/or magazines. They provide great credibility to your position as an expert in your field.

* Op Ed (opinion-editorial) pieces you’ve written that get published. It’s a great way to take a stance on an issue important to your business and get published, and it positions you as a thought leader.

* A book with you as the author—my favorite! […]

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How to Market Your Product or Service on Radio & TV – Without Buying Advertising Time!

What you may not realize is that TV and radio talk shows are always looking to interview quality experts who will help them entertain and inform their audiences. Regardless of the product you’d like to promote, with the correct PR strategy you can land these priceless interviews, and when you do, it’s pure marketing gold!

Why are these interviews so valuable? You see, when you or your spokesperson is on the air, you’re on as part of a regular show with a host the audience has come to trust. By interviewing you, the host is giving an implicit endorsement so the listeners believe you – they’re hearing about you from their trusted friend. And they tell their own audience in turn. […]

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How to Reach Your Niche Target Market through the Mass Media

In a nutshell, that’s why the mass media is actually a smarter bet for reaching a niche audience, even if it’s a business-to-business audience. At the end of the day, we can’t be sure if business decision makers are reading the trade publications and Web sites. But, the important thing to realize is that they aren’t just business people. They are consumers, like you and me, and like you and me, they definitely read their daily newspapers and general interest Web sites. So, if you want to reach them, you have a much better chance of getting to them where you KNOW they are, as opposed to where you HOPE they are. […]

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Embrace the Celebrity Within

Everyone is a celebrity at something, and by “celebrity” I’m not talking about movie stars, professional athletes or those overnight sensations that are here today, on the cover of People tomorrow and gone by Friday.

True celebrities are experts. In a lot of cases they’re experts at acting, putting a ball in a hoop or looking sexy in next to nothing. But believe it or not, most celebrities these days – the ones that keep auditoriums and hotel conference rooms and even bookstore shelves full – are folks like you and I; people who realized what they are very, very good at and put it to use by celebritizing themselves (or putting their expert status to use as a modern celebrity). […]

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What is Marketing? A Practical Explanation of Marketing, PR and Advertising

Public relations differs in many ways from advertising. The Encarta dictionary defines PR as: “the practice or profession of establishing, maintaining, or improving a favorable relationship between an institution or person and the public.” Publicity is one of PR’s tactics and involves pitching a news story about your company to the press (both offline or online), and booking your spokesperson as a guest on radio and TV. […]

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Six Ways to Tell if Public Relations is For You

One of the universal truths of PR is that it can help anyone, any company, any business in any industry. There is not a single commercial enterprise that cannot benefit from the power of public relations, and the scope of PR is limited only by the scope of the media.

Advertising is constantly changing, and what works today will likely not work tomorrow. Advertising resides in the realm of paid space, and so its only purpose is to serve the needs of the advertiser. […]

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Books: America’s New Business Card?

Few people I talk to consider themselves authors; fewer still ever picture themselves writing a book. Well, if you’re still undecided about whether a book can propel you to expert status in your field, consider a scene of two people who walk into your office each seeking your business. Each has impeccable credentials, is wearing a tailored suit, and has an impressive resume that sparkles with confidence and great talent. […]

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7 Things to Know Before Marketing Your Consumable Product on Radio and TV

Okay, first point:

1/ Is your product better suited for a TV commercial or a radio spot? Does it need to be seen to be understood? Consumable products are usually in pill, powder, cream or liquid form—things that don’t need to be demonstrated to be sold. That being the case, consider using radio, a convincing and affordable way to go. Next… […]

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How to Hire a PR Firm

As a professional PR, I’ve never liked the way movies portray public relations people.

Usually, they’re characterized by Hollywood as slick talking flim-flam artists who promise the universe and deliver next to nothing. […]

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8 PR Insider Tips to Build Your Business through Radio and TV Interviews

It is no surprise to hear that media interviews are among the most effective yet least known marketing methods you could ever use to promote your company, products and services.

But as good as these interviews are, they can be made even more effective.
As with most things, there are insider techniques that can help radio and TV interview “first-timers” do a powerful job. […]

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Exploring the New Breed of Celebrity

It used to be that the only way to be a celebrity was to be on TV, in the movies, or to do something completely lame.

However, over the last decade, a new kind of celebrity has emerged – the expert celebrity. These are people who are absolutely at the top of their professions, and find a way to use the media to offer their expertise to the masses.

From Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer), Martha Stewart, and Bob Vila to Dr. Phil, Suze Orman and Rachel Ray, expert celebrities are taking over television, radio, print publications and the Internet. Moreover, according to media expert Marsha Friedman — author of Celebtritize Yourself from Warren Publishing (www.celebritizeyourself.com) – the next celebrity expert could well be you. […]

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5 More Tips for Successful TV Interviews

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, when you appear on television and are at the top of your game as a guest, it can completely change the dynamics of your business as well as your life! I’ve seen it happen many times with clients who know and love this medium! […]

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Celebritize Yourself

As you may know, for nearly 20 years my firm has been arranging national media exposure (TV appearances, Talk Radio interviews and print campaigns) for experts in a vast array of fields ranging from health, entertainment, finance and technology and also for corporations and their products and services. […]

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9 Reasons Why Talk Radio is the Best Promotion for Your Book, Product and Service!

As publicity experts, talk radio is one of the tools that we use everyday to help our clients gain national recognition, promote their books, products and services. And because it is so effective our clients keep coming back for more! Fact is – talk radio may honestly be one of the best-kept marketing secrets there is. […]

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Why Small Radio Stations Can Be Great Places to Promote Your Book, Product or Service

Not many will disagree with the fact that talk radio is a fabulous promotion tool. What author wouldn’t treasure the opportunity to speak directly to consumers who may be interested in purchasing their book, product or service? Sounds great, right? […]

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Lee Habeeb Interview: Part 2

Last week I sent you Part 1 of my interview with Lee Habeeb, a friend and business associate who is a “Talk Radio Coach to the Stars.” To refresh your memory, Lee currently coaches 7 of the top 10 talk show hosts in America; people like, Michael Medved, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt and Bill Bennett. He also developed “The Laura Ingraham Show” and was Laura’s Executive Producer for many years. […]

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As Ad Budgets Die…

People have always liked getting more for less. And, during a recession, retailers are known for pulling out all the stops. For example, one local car dealer is offering a 2-for-1 car special – buy one used car, and get one of equal or lesser value for free! […]

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