How Charlie Sheen’s Use of Talk Radio Demonstrates the Medium’s Influence over Everything Else

A good radio interview can fuel social media, because it gives you something to tweet about. It also works well in conjunction with print coverage and appearances on local and national TV, because it provides a longer form format for your message. Whereas an article may only be 500 or 600 words or a TV appearance only 3 to 5 minutes, a radio interview can run anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on the show and how interesting you are to the host and the listeners. […]

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Planning on Booking Your Own TV Publicity?

It’s not unusual for a producer to be interested in your pitch, but want the interview to be done at a location that illustrates what the story is about. TV, after all, is a visual medium.

A great example that comes to mind is a client who is an expert on how to deal with foreclosure – a timely topic, unfortunately. He was traveling around the country to cities experiencing high percentages of foreclosures and in each city we obtained media coverage for him. But in Phoenix, Arizona, the producer didn’t want just a “talking head” interview. She agreed to do the interview only if it could be at a foreclosure property. And of course it was up to us to locate a suitable site, get permission to shoot the interview there, and ensure the TV crew had access when they arrived. After many, many phone calls to pull all of this together, the location was finalized, permission was obtained and the client’s TV interview was confirmed. In fact, it turned out to be one of the client’s best interviews. […]

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Put Your Expertise into a Book: Dave Ramsey’s Path to Celebrity

If you want to become an expert celebrity, understand that it is the culmination of hard work, passion and intent. Not everyone has the heart or the drive for it, but those that do – and have been successful – have frequently started on their path to celebrity by writing a book to build their platform and credibility as an expert. […]

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How to Do the WORST Print Interview EVER! The Best Ways to Make a Reporter Think You’re a Fool

The bottom line is that no matter how unschooled you are in public relations, common sense is a good baseline to guide your forays into the media. And if you’re just not sure about the best conduct during a media interview, get a good PR person, or a good attorney. Or maybe both, just to be safe. […]

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How to Effectively Manage Your PR Agency

It’s a good business choice to do PR as an integral part of your marketing. But don’t turn that good choice into a bad one by only doing the job halfway. Hire your firm, manage them, respond to them and give them the freedom to do the job you hired them to do. When you’re done, you should have some great clips to show for it, and to use continually to drive your leads and business. […]

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Have Consumers Even Heard About Your Book or Business?

If your product or service is not getting the attention that it deserves, you may want to consider some other options. Here at EMSI, we know how to get quality media coverage for your products – we’ve been doing it for twenty years! […]

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Why Do We Listen to Movie Critics and How Can You Use That Paradigm in Your Business?

So what does the business of movie critics have to do with YOUR business? In the same way that Ebert’s thumbs up encourages you to see the movies he recommends, media coverage for you and your company offers an implicit endorsement that can have a similarly favorable effect on consumers. […]

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How Effective Are Your Press Releases in Getting You Press?

So, how are you supposed to communicate with the media? It comes down to using the right tool for the right job. Depending on your specific needs, there are ways of communicating with the press that will get their attention and have a better chance of resulting in news coverage of your company. […]

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Pop Culture Confidential: Life on Planet Tiger

Below is an article on the subject of crisis PR. I am fortunate to have on my PR team Tony Panaccio, a veteran agency PR strategist with specific experience in handling the message and the press when worst case scenarios come true. I asked Tony to write this article and I think you’ll find it interesting and relevant, given the current 24/7 media culture. […]

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If a Product Gets Zero Publicity Will it Ever Be Purchased?

The bottom-line reality of business success is that if the American people don’t hear about your product or see it advertised somewhere, it will be roughly the same as if your product never existed at all. That’s how important publicity is for your products…and you can get the power of the media working for you right away. […]

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What’s a Tiger to Do? What Tiger Woods Should Do with the Media to Rehabilitate His Image

It’s not easy being Tiger Woods today. His personal life is a shambles, his family is shattered and his public image is DOA. While it’s easy to feel absolutely no sympathy for the golden boy whose sins cost him dearly, we need to remember something important.

Tiger Woods is not an individual. He is a $100 million marketing corporation that provided for the livelihoods of marketing people, advertising professionals and consumer product manufacturers – not to mention the business of golf itself. Without Tiger’s ability to drive endorsements and commercial viability, many people may even lose their jobs and some firms may be forced to cut back.

So, what could Tiger Woods possibly do to control the devastation of his image? Well, the simple truth is that he is way beyond damage control. The goal posts on his potential rehabilitation have been moved a few thousand yards away from its original line of scrimmage. The best he can hope for now is to set up a comeback a year or more down the line. […]

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Books: America’s New Business Card?

Few people I talk to consider themselves authors; fewer still ever picture themselves writing a book. Well, if you’re still undecided about whether a book can propel you to expert status in your field, consider a scene of two people who walk into your office each seeking your business. Each has impeccable credentials, is wearing a tailored suit, and has an impressive resume that sparkles with confidence and great talent. […]

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How to Hire a PR Firm

As a professional PR, I’ve never liked the way movies portray public relations people.

Usually, they’re characterized by Hollywood as slick talking flim-flam artists who promise the universe and deliver next to nothing. […]

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If You’re Not Focusing on Women Buyers…Then You’re Probably Overlooking Your Largest Market!

Buying the ‘small stuff’ has always been in the woman’s domain. Part of her domestic duties as wife and mother has been to keep the family healthy, warm, and well nourished. From the family meal to the family doctor, from shirts for her husband to shoes for her kids, chances are those choices have always been hers. […]

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5 More Tips for Successful TV Interviews

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, when you appear on television and are at the top of your game as a guest, it can completely change the dynamics of your business as well as your life! I’ve seen it happen many times with clients who know and love this medium! […]

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