Is Your Tone Killing Your PR Campaign?

His point was that most parents believe that they are doing all they can to make ends meet and be responsible parents. Given that idea, most of them probably wouldn’t take kindly to the idea that they need to take better care of their kids, because they already think they are. So, it might be more understanding to say that while she understands many parents are so busy getting through the basics of providing for their kids, it’s understandable how this particular area could be overlooked, so here’s some advice on how to address cyberbulling and sexting to help them out. […]

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How To Determine The Best Media Niche to Promote Your Product

…the first step is to know how to pick the right media for your message. The better you target your media, and match your message to the medium, the better your chances of getting noticed and rising above the din. […]

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