Talk Radio’s Industry Insider, Michael Harrison, Shares His Insights and Takes the Tough Questions

Look, I can understand guests wanting to be on big stations and logically, to a certain extent, size does matter. However, there is a huge difference between selling Coke or car insurance (like GEICO) to the masses and selling a book, a philosophy or a specialized small business product to targeted segments of the population. Arbitron’s basic mission is to give advertising agencies, concerned with making large spot buys for big clients, a thumbnail overview of very general statistics such as the age and gender of mass audiences. […]

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What’s The Future of Talk Radio? Michael Harrison Interview, Part 2

CEO of EMS Incorporated, Marsha Friedman interviews Talkers Magazine founder Michael Harrison about the future of talk radio. […]

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Exclusive Interview with Michael Harrison, Founder of Talkers Magazine, Part 1

Ok… as you probably know, I’m a big vocal supporter of talk radio, not only for its entertainment and educational value, but, also because of its value for promoting books, products and services. One person in particular who shares my viewpoint is the founder of Talkers Magazine, Michael Harrison. And let me tell you, when it comes to someone who has their finger firmly on the pulse of talk radio…this is the man!

A maverick in the world of radio broadcasting […]

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