Does Your Message Tie Into Resolutions for the New Year?

This is the time of year when the media is lining up its expert guests for January. That is traditionally when radio and TV hosts talk about New Year’s resolutions and “new year, new you” advice for their audiences. If you’ve got a book, product, or service that ties into resolutions that people are making to improve their personal or professional lives in the New Year, you’ve got to start right now in order to be considered for one of the coveted expert guest slots! […]

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New Rules of Social Media Expert – David Meerman Scott

What the social media and social networking sites do is that they allow companies for the first time to earn attention by creating something really interesting on the web. You can earn attention by doing a YouTube video, by creating a blog, by being on Twitter, by being on Facebook. […]

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Celebritize Yourself: How to Build Your Brand as the Leader in Your Field

It’s one thing to talk about becoming a celebrity in your field. It’s quite another to actually begin the process. To make celebrity an authentic goal, we must first desensitize ourselves to the very word “celebrity.”
The best place to start is to refocus away from Hollywood or the Big Apple and turn it inward, toward yourself, your company, product, service, or expertise, and your industry. Celebritizing yourself from the ground up brings to mind two of my favorite domestic goddesses turned celebrities: Julia Child and Erma Bombeck. I point to these two iconoclastic women because we’re talking about specific industries, and these two virtually created their own. […]

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What to Expect in the Land of TV Guest Interviews

Appearing as a guest on television is an important part of your marketing strategy for becoming a well-known expert in your field.

To have a successful TV interview, where you’re able to focus on your message and be completely undistracted, it helps to understand the actions being performed by the crew when they’re setting up for your interview, and their terminology which may be completely foreign to you! […]

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ABC Radio Network, Curtis Sliwa Show, August 31, 2009, Michael Uslan, Producer of Batman Films

Curtis Sliwa Show on ABC Radio Network (Nationally Syndicated to 4 Stations) interviews Michael Uslan, producer of Batman films, to comment on Disney purchase of Marvel Comics. Listen to Curtis Sliwa’s radio interview of Michael Uslan […]

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7 Things to Know Before Marketing Your Consumable Product on Radio and TV

Okay, first point:

1/ Is your product better suited for a TV commercial or a radio spot? Does it need to be seen to be understood? Consumable products are usually in pill, powder, cream or liquid form—things that don’t need to be demonstrated to be sold. That being the case, consider using radio, a convincing and affordable way to go. Next… […]

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How to Hire a PR Firm

As a professional PR, I’ve never liked the way movies portray public relations people.

Usually, they’re characterized by Hollywood as slick talking flim-flam artists who promise the universe and deliver next to nothing. […]

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8 PR Insider Tips to Build Your Business through Radio and TV Interviews

It is no surprise to hear that media interviews are among the most effective yet least known marketing methods you could ever use to promote your company, products and services.

But as good as these interviews are, they can be made even more effective.
As with most things, there are insider techniques that can help radio and TV interview “first-timers” do a powerful job. […]

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