Planning on Booking Your Own TV Publicity?

It’s not unusual for a producer to be interested in your pitch, but want the interview to be done at a location that illustrates what the story is about. TV, after all, is a visual medium.

A great example that comes to mind is a client who is an expert on how to deal with foreclosure – a timely topic, unfortunately. He was traveling around the country to cities experiencing high percentages of foreclosures and in each city we obtained media coverage for him. But in Phoenix, Arizona, the producer didn’t want just a “talking head” interview. She agreed to do the interview only if it could be at a foreclosure property. And of course it was up to us to locate a suitable site, get permission to shoot the interview there, and ensure the TV crew had access when they arrived. After many, many phone calls to pull all of this together, the location was finalized, permission was obtained and the client’s TV interview was confirmed. In fact, it turned out to be one of the client’s best interviews. […]

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Want to Get on TV? Follow a Daily News Routine to Increase Your Chances

A daily routine of following breaking news and popular stories is the first and most essential step in my formula for how you can get interviewed by the media. If you are Internet savvy and prefer to get your news digitally, tracking news trends will be a breeze. There are many online news outlets, such as Yahoo, MSN, CNN and AOL, that prominently feature on their sites the most searched and significant news events each day. There are also other online services, such as Google Alerts, Digg, and others, that allow users to stay on top of the hot topics. If your preference – like me – is to watch the news on TV and/or read daily newspapers, those are also effective methods for keeping up with the news cycles. Whether you prefer traditional or digital news, the key thing is to establish a news-tracking routine and stick to it. It will orient you as to which news topics are getting the most attention, and will be a strong predictor of which stories are most likely to have a longer cycle on TV news outlets.Read More…

Michael Uslan – Executive Producer of Batman Films

Our goal is to make Michael the go-to guy for top tier media when it comes to topics or stories concerning movies or popular culture, and make him recognizable as not only the initiator of the Batman movie franchise, but also as an entertainment guru with industry knowledge and experience that’s helpful and interesting to consumers as well as those in Hollywood. Towards that end, EMSI has steadily booked Michael in electronic media such as Fox Business News, CNBC, Bloomberg TV and BBC Worldwide, as well as print articles including the New York Times, Forbes, The Christian Science Monitor, USA Today and many others. […]

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How to Get the Media Interested in You: You May Be Newsworthy Without Even Knowing It

Many new clients come to us with a strong opinion about what their “pitch” should be, but often miss the mark, in terms of knowing what will get the media to sit up and pay attention to their message. But it’s very understandable that this could occur, if you’re not working with the media the way we do, day in and day out, developing story angles intended to grab their interest.

How to Do the WORST Print Interview EVER! The Best Ways to Make a Reporter Think You’re a Fool

The bottom line is that no matter how unschooled you are in public relations, common sense is a good baseline to guide your forays into the media. And if you’re just not sure about the best conduct during a media interview, get a good PR person, or a good attorney. Or maybe both, just to be safe. […]

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Traditional Media Not Going Away: Why Radio, TV & Print Will Survive The Rise of the Internet

As marketing gurus talk up the importance of social media marketing, search engine optimization, strong Web sites, blogging and other Internet-centered activities, we can’t omit traditional media from our marketing and PR strategy. People still listen to radio. People still watch TV. People still read print publications (both offline AND online). They are STILL the media, and they are NOT on life support. […]

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How Do You Know Which Medium Is Right For Your Message?

Five hundred press releases is the average number delivered to the New York Times every day. When you get to major metropolitan daily newspapers, the number drops to about 250, and 100 for community weeklies. Most local TV stations are in the 200 range and radio is around 100.

Per day.

So, with competition like that, how do you make the most of your PR campaign and not get lost in the shuffle?

Well, the first step is to look at your message and ask yourself a few pointed questions. Is it newsworthy? Is it consumer related? Could it have a local twist? Is there a visual aspect to it? Is it a topic I can have a long conversation about? What age group am I targeting? Is there an income bracket I’m targeting? […]

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Darlene Quinn – Author, Winner of the 2009 Indie National Excellence Award for Fiction

EMSI began booking her for interviews on radio, on TV and in print as an expert commentator about the recession as it was affecting the consumer retail business. So far, Darlene has had more than 100 radio interviews and several national TV interviews. In addition, she has appeared in a variety of print and Web publications with a combined circulation/impressions level of more than 100 million. This national media exposure has accomplished two key goals: 1) it positioned her as an expert on the inner workings of the retail industry, and 2) at the same time afforded her the opportunity to promote her book. […]

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Mike Cavanagh, Host WSB Radio, Atlanta

“After being in the field of television production for nine years, I had literally stopped taking calls from any publicists or PR firms. I became tired of dealing with pushy and demanding attitudes and tactics. Then I encountered EMSI, professionals who are a producer’s dream. Their clients are always exactly what they say they are, always prepared, interesting, on time, and always have something unusual or cutting-edge to offer my program. The management team is exemplary in their attitude and courtesy.” […]

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Barbara Hoffman, Producer Trinity, Broadcasting Network

“As the producer of a top-rated, highly successful national television show, I usually have a waiting list of guests, but I often find myself re-arranging my schedule to accommodate an EMSI client. I give them my highest recommendation for their quality guests, high standards, and integrity in this business.” […]

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Jennifer Boyd, Assoc Producer, FOX-TV, Tampa

“I am constantly impressed by the professionalism, efficiency, and TV savvy of EMSI. The guests they bring to us are bright, articulate and ‘good TV’ — not to mention, an ‘easy book” for an overworked producer. Who could ask for anything more?” […]

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Vince Hill, News Anchor, KYW Radio, Philadelphia

“EMSI has always shown a high degree of organization with their projects. There has never been any confusion regarding each show booked. Very thorough, very prepared. Their staff is a personal and professional pleasure to deal with.” […]

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Alf Nucifora, Host WSB Radio, Atlanta

“EMSI has always been a pleasure to deal with. They’re very attentive towards my show needs and their follow-up is superb. EMSI only calls when the subject matter is proper for the theme of my show. Very professional and understanding at all times.” […]

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How to Reach Your Niche Target Market through the Mass Media

In a nutshell, that’s why the mass media is actually a smarter bet for reaching a niche audience, even if it’s a business-to-business audience. At the end of the day, we can’t be sure if business decision makers are reading the trade publications and Web sites. But, the important thing to realize is that they aren’t just business people. They are consumers, like you and me, and like you and me, they definitely read their daily newspapers and general interest Web sites. So, if you want to reach them, you have a much better chance of getting to them where you KNOW they are, as opposed to where you HOPE they are. […]

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