How Do You Know Which Medium Is Right For Your Message?

Five hundred press releases is the average number delivered to the New York Times every day. When you get to major metropolitan daily newspapers, the number drops to about 250, and 100 for community weeklies. Most local TV stations are in the 200 range and radio is around 100.

Per day.

So, with competition like that, how do you make the most of your PR campaign and not get lost in the shuffle?

Well, the first step is to look at your message and ask yourself a few pointed questions. Is it newsworthy? Is it consumer related? Could it have a local twist? Is there a visual aspect to it? Is it a topic I can have a long conversation about? What age group am I targeting? Is there an income bracket I’m targeting? […]

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What’s a Tiger to Do? What Tiger Woods Should Do with the Media to Rehabilitate His Image

It’s not easy being Tiger Woods today. His personal life is a shambles, his family is shattered and his public image is DOA. While it’s easy to feel absolutely no sympathy for the golden boy whose sins cost him dearly, we need to remember something important.

Tiger Woods is not an individual. He is a $100 million marketing corporation that provided for the livelihoods of marketing people, advertising professionals and consumer product manufacturers – not to mention the business of golf itself. Without Tiger’s ability to drive endorsements and commercial viability, many people may even lose their jobs and some firms may be forced to cut back.

So, what could Tiger Woods possibly do to control the devastation of his image? Well, the simple truth is that he is way beyond damage control. The goal posts on his potential rehabilitation have been moved a few thousand yards away from its original line of scrimmage. The best he can hope for now is to set up a comeback a year or more down the line. […]

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Vince Hill, News Anchor, KYW Radio, Philadelphia

“EMSI has always shown a high degree of organization with their projects. There has never been any confusion regarding each show booked. Very thorough, very prepared. Their staff is a personal and professional pleasure to deal with.” […]

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George Carden, Reporter (700 Club) Christian Broadcasting Network

“It’s a pleasure working with EMSI. They are totally professional and went all out to be sure we were totally “armed” with all the information we needed to do a thoroughly informative and interesting interview!” George Carden Reporter, (700 Club) Christian Broadcasting Network […]

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Alf Nucifora, Host WSB Radio, Atlanta

“EMSI has always been a pleasure to deal with. They’re very attentive towards my show needs and their follow-up is superb. EMSI only calls when the subject matter is proper for the theme of my show. Very professional and understanding at all times.” […]

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How to Reach Your Niche Target Market through the Mass Media

In a nutshell, that’s why the mass media is actually a smarter bet for reaching a niche audience, even if it’s a business-to-business audience. At the end of the day, we can’t be sure if business decision makers are reading the trade publications and Web sites. But, the important thing to realize is that they aren’t just business people. They are consumers, like you and me, and like you and me, they definitely read their daily newspapers and general interest Web sites. So, if you want to reach them, you have a much better chance of getting to them where you KNOW they are, as opposed to where you HOPE they are. […]

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Does Your Message Tie Into Resolutions for the New Year?

This is the time of year when the media is lining up its expert guests for January. That is traditionally when radio and TV hosts talk about New Year’s resolutions and “new year, new you” advice for their audiences. If you’ve got a book, product, or service that ties into resolutions that people are making to improve their personal or professional lives in the New Year, you’ve got to start right now in order to be considered for one of the coveted expert guest slots! […]

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Six Ways to Tell if Public Relations is For You

One of the universal truths of PR is that it can help anyone, any company, any business in any industry. There is not a single commercial enterprise that cannot benefit from the power of public relations, and the scope of PR is limited only by the scope of the media.

Advertising is constantly changing, and what works today will likely not work tomorrow. Advertising resides in the realm of paid space, and so its only purpose is to serve the needs of the advertiser. […]

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Celebritize Yourself: How to Build Your Brand as the Leader in Your Field

It’s one thing to talk about becoming a celebrity in your field. It’s quite another to actually begin the process. To make celebrity an authentic goal, we must first desensitize ourselves to the very word “celebrity.”
The best place to start is to refocus away from Hollywood or the Big Apple and turn it inward, toward yourself, your company, product, service, or expertise, and your industry. Celebritizing yourself from the ground up brings to mind two of my favorite domestic goddesses turned celebrities: Julia Child and Erma Bombeck. I point to these two iconoclastic women because we’re talking about specific industries, and these two virtually created their own. […]

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Insights into the New Landscape of Marketing and PR from Viral Marketing Specialist David Meerman Scott

A short while ago I interviewed David Meerman Scott, author of the number-one bestseller “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” (Wiley…published in 22 languages) and his hit new book “World Wide Rave” (Wiley). David is an internationally recognized viral marketing strategist and speaker at conferences and corporate events around the world. As David makes clear in both books, the rules for marketing and PR have changed, and everyone, from marketing executives to business owners and entrepreneurs, needs to understand the new landscape if they want to stay relevant in today’s online world. […]

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What to Expect in the Land of TV Guest Interviews

Appearing as a guest on television is an important part of your marketing strategy for becoming a well-known expert in your field.

To have a successful TV interview, where you’re able to focus on your message and be completely undistracted, it helps to understand the actions being performed by the crew when they’re setting up for your interview, and their terminology which may be completely foreign to you! […]

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5 Tips for Building Viral Buzz

We hear a lot about buzz, but what is “buzz” exactly – and how does it start? First, a buzz is something that you create. It starts small, like ripples in a pond. It builds slowly. But when cultivated and capitalized on, the buzz eventually gets too loud to ignore. This is our goal when we work with you to turn a book into credibility into celebrity: create a buzz that makes your name, your face, your book, and your message instantly synonymous – and ultimately recognizable.

When a movie like Transformers or Star Trek is an instant box office smash, that’s not a buzz; that’s a million-dollar marketing blitz that literally created an overnight hit. Most of our clients aren’t millionaires with unlimited marketing budgets, so we rely on building a buzz instead.

Now, when a small, independent movie like My Big Fat Greek Wedding debuts to a rather slim box office ripple but word of mouth, great reviews and repeat business make it a “must-see” event over time – and a bona fide cult movie sensation – that’s buzz working at its finest. […]

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