Going Away for the Holidays? The Media Won’t

The media doesn’t shut down during the holidays. The newspaper still arrives at your door every morning and when you turn on the radio or TV, you’ll find all the same shows are on the air. Admittedly, the holiday staff are the people who drew the short straws – but there they are on the air, behind the scenes, writing stories and generating the news we consume daily, without fail, even during our most cherished holidays. […]

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So, What’s The Value of All My PR Efforts, Anyway?

I tend to use this space as a “how to” venue. I like to share my insights on how to get the media excited about you, your message, your products, your services and books. My hope is that the information I offer will enable you to generate media placements for yourself to further your public relations efforts. […]

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Christmas in August?

The fourth quarter – that holiday spending season between October and December – is still a month and a half away, so I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m riffing on a holiday classic. Read on and find out why you need to prepare for the holiday sales season now. […]

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So, You Want to Be The Next Big Talk Show Star?

We’ve all said it at least once in our lives. It usually happens when we’re watching TV and a talk show host is stumbling over their words or simply… […]

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Why Can’t I Just Talk About My Book On The Air? Why Using the Media to Sell Books is a Finesse Play

Authors expect they can use the media as a venue to talk about their books, while the media is only interested in them for their expertise and the information or entertainment they can offer their audiences. […]

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How Do I Gauge My PR Campaign? Why The Internet Hasn’t Changed The Rules

The point is, we can talk about impressions and VPM and circulation all day long, and balance it against all these new technologies designed to deliver consumers to your Web site. However, none of it means anything relative to the consumer. We don’t always know exactly what takes the consumer from the point of being interested in you to the point of buying your product, book or service. However, we do know that process always includes the building of trust and that’s why the third-party verification provided by real honest-to-goodness media coverage will always trump all the analysis of impressions and numbers. […]

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Is the TV Commercial Dying? Why What Happens Between the Commercials Has Become Even More Important

The Nielsen Company tracks the audience viewership of TV programs so that programmers and advertisers can get a handle on how many people are watching certain shows. Programmers take that data and figure out how much they’ll charge to advertise on their shows. Of course, they pay attention to key demographics and more granular statistics, but at the end of the day, this is the data that helps them figure out that they’re going to charge $3 million per minute to advertise on The Super Bowl broadcast and $1 – $3.80 per minute on reruns of the recent reboot of Hawaii Five-0. […]

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Are You Losing Faith in Your Book? Maybe the Problem Is Your PR

The print media landscape has changed dramatically in the last two years. Most major daily newspapers no longer employ book editors or staff reviewers. They no longer have the space for reviews, nor the revenue to pay for a writer to cover that area. When they do want to include a book section in the Sunday paper occasional, they typically grab copy from the wire services. […]

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Marketing Expert and Author, Al Ries, Shares His Insights on Positioning, PR & More–Part 1

Here’s why they do that. Everything about running a business, especially a small business, is very, very short term. In other words, I buy stuff today and sell it tomorrow or the next week. I hire a person today and pick up the phone and get something done or build something. I mean they’re very, very short term, but marketing is long term. Nothing happens right away. I mean you could have the very best marketing in the world. You won’t see any results in the first week or the first month, really. It sometimes takes years and years, and most companies just don’t have the patience to deal with marketing because it is long term. Now some of the best marketing campaigns, like the ultimate driving machine, are thirty-five years old, for goodness sakes. Thirty-five years old and most of the successful programs have been around like forever. Nike’s “Just Do It!” How many companies have the patience to run a marketing program for two or three or four decades? I mean people change. For one thing, they lack patience. […]

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Why Your Promotional Message Is Not Your PR Angle

Whether you’re promoting a company, book, product or service, the goal is to get your message out so people will decide to buy whatever it is you’re selling. Promotion often revolves around your key market differentiators – the things about you that make you different and better than your competition. […]

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How to Give a Great Print Media Interview: Five Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

In TV and radio, interview times are pre-arranged. However, print and online journalists typically have daily and weekly deadlines. When they call you, they need you right then! In many cases, journalists will reach out to several experts on a news item and then choose the one who is the better interview or whoever responded quickest (or a combination of the two). The more reliably you respond, the more likely they will call on you again. […]

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How Familiar (and Unfamiliar) Holidays Can Drive Your PR Campaign

Find the holiday that relates to your message, whether it is for your book or product, and then plan carefully to execute your PR tactics around that date. It might take an evergreen campaign pitch and make it instantly relevant to everyone simply because it appears on the calendar. […]

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So I’m Launching a PR Campaign – How Many Sales Will I Make?

Do you like to be at the receipt end of obvious sales efforts? When you walk into a department store to shop for a new pair of slacks, are you hoping the salesperson on the floor finds you quickly? Do you watch TV in anticipation of all the cool commercials you’ll see? When you drive down the highway, are you excited when you see all the billboards dotting the skyline?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you’re in the minority. The truth is few people like to be “sold” and that’s why PR works so well. The soul of PR isn’t promotion or sales, but rather, education and branding. When people read newspapers or magazines or listen to radio or watch TV, they are looking to be informed and entertained – that’s what PR does. […]

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Tips for Your Online Book Promotion: It’s Not About the Technology, It’s About the Customers

Every author should have their own Web site, whether they are marketing one book or twenty. If your book has garnered some positive reviews, feature them on the home page – get as much leverage from those reviews as possible. Make sure visitors to the site can easily purchase your book directly from the site. No need to invest in an expensive ecommerce web solution – PayPal is totally acceptable and trusted these days, and easy to implement on your site. Even though most of your online book sales will come from Amazon, it’s worthwhile selling on your site and will provide the opportunity to add these book buyers to your own mailing list. That way, when your next book is ready to be released, you can email everyone on your list and let them know. If your topic or area of expertise lends itself to a weekly or monthly newsletter, add a newsletter signup to the site, and make sure each edition of your newsletter contains links back to your site. You never know where your newsletter will eventually land. […]

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Michael Uslan – Executive Producer of Batman Films

Our goal is to make Michael the go-to guy for top tier media when it comes to topics or stories concerning movies or popular culture, and make him recognizable as not only the initiator of the Batman movie franchise, but also as an entertainment guru with industry knowledge and experience that’s helpful and interesting to consumers as well as those in Hollywood. Towards that end, EMSI has steadily booked Michael in electronic media such as Fox Business News, CNBC, Bloomberg TV and BBC Worldwide, as well as print articles including the New York Times, Forbes, The Christian Science Monitor, USA Today and many others. […]

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PR is the Antidote for Product Invisibility

In order to be successful, you need to create national recognition and awareness of your product to the largest audience of potential consumers as possible. The bottom line is that your product needs to stand out from the thousands of new products released every year…in addition to the millions that are already out there!

EMSI can help! For over 20 years we have been curing product invisibility through dynamic media campaigns covering national and local talk radio, television, print and more. In fact, here’s an unsolicited testimonial we received just last night from one of our clients. […]

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How to Market Your Product or Service on Radio & TV – Without Buying Advertising Time!

What you may not realize is that TV and radio talk shows are always looking to interview quality experts who will help them entertain and inform their audiences. Regardless of the product you’d like to promote, with the correct PR strategy you can land these priceless interviews, and when you do, it’s pure marketing gold!

Why are these interviews so valuable? You see, when you or your spokesperson is on the air, you’re on as part of a regular show with a host the audience has come to trust. By interviewing you, the host is giving an implicit endorsement so the listeners believe you – they’re hearing about you from their trusted friend. And they tell their own audience in turn. […]

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