So, Where Are Your Sales?

Whether you are selling a book, a product or a service – exposure is the first and primary goal of marketing. While exposure doesn’t guarantee sales, any hope of generating sales can only result from getting in front of your potential consumer. But, when your product receives that coveted exposure to the masses, the X-factors in play become whether or not consumers will like what they see. Your product will either be exactly what the consumer is looking for, or it won’t. […]

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Why Getting Published Will Help Your Business

You know what hard work is. You’ve put in the long hours, worked late into the night, done more working than eating during the lunch hour—all to ensure the success of your business.

You may be thinking about what else you can do to get the news of your products or services more broadly known within your target market. Or, you might be brainstorming future steps to expand your business and make it even more successful.

In either case, one immensely valuable marketing strategy can be summed up in two words: get published!

Now, you may be tempted to dismiss this out of hand…after all, you have a profession, and very likely it isn’t “writer.” But there are many ways to be published and each, separately or in combination, can be incalculably valuable in terms of its contribution to your marketing efforts.

We’re talking about:

* Articles written about you, or by you, which are published in newspapers and/or magazines. They provide great credibility to your position as an expert in your field.

* Op Ed (opinion-editorial) pieces you’ve written that get published. It’s a great way to take a stance on an issue important to your business and get published, and it positions you as a thought leader.

* A book with you as the author—my favorite! […]

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How to Reach Your Niche Target Market through the Mass Media

In a nutshell, that’s why the mass media is actually a smarter bet for reaching a niche audience, even if it’s a business-to-business audience. At the end of the day, we can’t be sure if business decision makers are reading the trade publications and Web sites. But, the important thing to realize is that they aren’t just business people. They are consumers, like you and me, and like you and me, they definitely read their daily newspapers and general interest Web sites. So, if you want to reach them, you have a much better chance of getting to them where you KNOW they are, as opposed to where you HOPE they are. […]

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Does Your Message Tie Into Resolutions for the New Year?

This is the time of year when the media is lining up its expert guests for January. That is traditionally when radio and TV hosts talk about New Year’s resolutions and “new year, new you” advice for their audiences. If you’ve got a book, product, or service that ties into resolutions that people are making to improve their personal or professional lives in the New Year, you’ve got to start right now in order to be considered for one of the coveted expert guest slots! […]

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Six Ways to Tell if Public Relations is For You

One of the universal truths of PR is that it can help anyone, any company, any business in any industry. There is not a single commercial enterprise that cannot benefit from the power of public relations, and the scope of PR is limited only by the scope of the media.

Advertising is constantly changing, and what works today will likely not work tomorrow. Advertising resides in the realm of paid space, and so its only purpose is to serve the needs of the advertiser. […]

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Print Circulations Tank As Online Media Takes Over

People keep hearing about the decline of newspaper readership, but that’s a deceptive statistic, because newspaper Web sites are picking up more readers online than they are losing offline. It also underscores the power of print-based PR, because every time a print article is written about a company, a Web-based article is also born. […]

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Is Public Relations For Me?

Public relations is by far the most affordable and effective marketing tool available for small businesses and consultants. That’s a bold statement, but perfectly reasonable when you know the facts. I can’t tell you how many times I am approached by entrepreneurs who ask me, “Can I afford to do PR?” I always answer the same way: “You can’t afford NOT to do PR.” […]

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New Rules of Social Media Expert – David Meerman Scott

What the social media and social networking sites do is that they allow companies for the first time to earn attention by creating something really interesting on the web. You can earn attention by doing a YouTube video, by creating a blog, by being on Twitter, by being on Facebook. […]

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Viral Marketing Specialist David Meerman Scott Discusses Social Media and Networking

Last week I sent you Part 1 of my interview with David Meerman Scott. As a recap, David is the author of the number-one bestseller “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” (Wiley…published in 22 languages) and his hit new book “World Wide Rave” (Wiley). David is an internationally recognized viral marketing strategist and speaker at conferences and corporate events around the world. Below is Part 2 about the marketing value of social networking, which I hope you will enjoy as much as I did! Next week we will conclude the series with Part 3. […]

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Insights into the New Landscape of Marketing and PR from Viral Marketing Specialist David Meerman Scott

A short while ago I interviewed David Meerman Scott, author of the number-one bestseller “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” (Wiley…published in 22 languages) and his hit new book “World Wide Rave” (Wiley). David is an internationally recognized viral marketing strategist and speaker at conferences and corporate events around the world. As David makes clear in both books, the rules for marketing and PR have changed, and everyone, from marketing executives to business owners and entrepreneurs, needs to understand the new landscape if they want to stay relevant in today’s online world. […]

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5 Tips for Building Viral Buzz

We hear a lot about buzz, but what is “buzz” exactly – and how does it start? First, a buzz is something that you create. It starts small, like ripples in a pond. It builds slowly. But when cultivated and capitalized on, the buzz eventually gets too loud to ignore. This is our goal when we work with you to turn a book into credibility into celebrity: create a buzz that makes your name, your face, your book, and your message instantly synonymous – and ultimately recognizable.

When a movie like Transformers or Star Trek is an instant box office smash, that’s not a buzz; that’s a million-dollar marketing blitz that literally created an overnight hit. Most of our clients aren’t millionaires with unlimited marketing budgets, so we rely on building a buzz instead.

Now, when a small, independent movie like My Big Fat Greek Wedding debuts to a rather slim box office ripple but word of mouth, great reviews and repeat business make it a “must-see” event over time – and a bona fide cult movie sensation – that’s buzz working at its finest. […]

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A Little Quiz to Show You How Big a Deal You Really Are

Joe the Plumber.

Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Bill Nye the Science Guy.

While plumbing, bounty hunting and science might be worthy industries, few would have ever thought they might be the breeding grounds of some of today’s unlikeliest celebrities. But such is the case when we live in a world where the popular media, indeed popular culture, is plugged in and turned on 24/7, 365 days a year.

Being an industry expert is easier than ever these days, but perhaps you feel a little “industry envy” when it comes to your field. Believe me, no field is too big, or too small, to brand yourself as the go-to expert. […]

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Books: America’s New Business Card?

Few people I talk to consider themselves authors; fewer still ever picture themselves writing a book. Well, if you’re still undecided about whether a book can propel you to expert status in your field, consider a scene of two people who walk into your office each seeking your business. Each has impeccable credentials, is wearing a tailored suit, and has an impressive resume that sparkles with confidence and great talent. […]

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Portable Expertise: How Books Allow You to Go Everywhere They Can

If you’ve decided to become an expert in your field, in any field, allow me to show you how much faster that process can be – and how much further you can reach – through the publication of a well-written, carefully-planned, readable and entertaining book.

Books provide what I call “portable expertise.”

Low-Tech, High-Impact

Anywhere a book can go, you can go. Yes, there are more high-tech ways to reach your audience, but when someone’s wi-fi isn’t working, your book still is. When someone’s at 30,000-feet and can’t use their laptop yet, he or she can still open your book.

In a bathroom stall, in a parking garage waiting for an appointment, at a corner café with a cup of coffee, in bed late at night not wanting to disturb their spouse, in an elevator, your book goes anywhere they can go; and if you have a book, so do you. […]

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7 Things to Know Before Marketing Your Consumable Product on Radio and TV

Okay, first point:

1/ Is your product better suited for a TV commercial or a radio spot? Does it need to be seen to be understood? Consumable products are usually in pill, powder, cream or liquid form—things that don’t need to be demonstrated to be sold. That being the case, consider using radio, a convincing and affordable way to go. Next… […]

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How to Hire a PR Firm

As a professional PR, I’ve never liked the way movies portray public relations people.

Usually, they’re characterized by Hollywood as slick talking flim-flam artists who promise the universe and deliver next to nothing. […]

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The Changing Face of the Media

In my nearly twenty years in the publicity industry, I have seen a fair bit of evolution in how the media reaches their audience. Some newspapers and magazines have turned into websites or blogs and several television shows have turned into streaming videos on YouTube. Talk radio seems to be the only media outlet that has remained untouched, right? Wrong!

If we use the 1990’s as a reference point (and all of you radio pros from that era will back me up on this) the landscape of talk radio has most definitely changed from then until now. In the 90’s the average time allotted for a guest interview was anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes and most of the interviews took place in-studio. […]

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Appearances on Local TV are a Great Brand Builder

Television producers are looking for quality guests who will entertain and educate their audience. And, if your company’s offerings solve a common problem that the masses face then TV could be a great promotional medium for you. One of our clients told us:
“The cost benefit analysis of TV publicity is a no brainer. Not only do you get the benefit of this quality exposure, but the amount of credibility you build is priceless!”
The reason for this is simple. With TV, every person watching your interview will have a front row seat to your message. It’s a visual medium so they can see exactly what your products look like. You can demonstrate their purpose and value to the viewer. At the same time, you’re building trust and the almighty “likeability factor” by expertly answering the anchor’s questions. If you do a great job in all these areas, the audience will connect with you personally and buy into the value of your products. The positioning just doesn’t get any better. […]

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