How Do I Know When To Hire a PR Pro? Three Ways To Tell Your Campaign Has Stalled

It’s not always easy to tell when a campaign has gone awry. But, if you can tell when the PR engine isn’t engaging, you’ll know exactly when it’s time to call in a pro to jump start your PR machine. […]

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Is Your Tone Killing Your PR Campaign?

His point was that most parents believe that they are doing all they can to make ends meet and be responsible parents. Given that idea, most of them probably wouldn’t take kindly to the idea that they need to take better care of their kids, because they already think they are. So, it might be more understanding to say that while she understands many parents are so busy getting through the basics of providing for their kids, it’s understandable how this particular area could be overlooked, so here’s some advice on how to address cyberbulling and sexting to help them out. […]

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Do You Know Who I Am? And Do Your Potential Customers Know Who YOU Are?

The hard truth is that PR delivers exposure and awareness, and based on a wide variety of variables, may or may not result in sales in and of itself. However, one thing that is a constant in that equation is that if you don’t have some level of exposure or awareness, you won’t sell anything at all, no matter what. […]

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Five More Tips for Attracting Print and Online Media

Last week we started a series of tips for attracting print and online media for your PR campaign, and we focused mainly on the basics. Today, we’ll get a little more in-depth with our tips, so grab a cup of coffee or some ginkgo biloba or whatever else it is you do to focus, because we’re starting the intermediate class, today! […]

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If You Want Buzz, You Need The Web: How The Internet Has Become Key In Public Relations

We all want it.

We hunt high and low for it. We work for it. We get creative to generate it. We use gimmicks, travel to trade shows and work the media hard for it. The problem is, we can’t manufacture it and we can’t buy it. We either conjure it out of thin air, or we don’t find it at all.

It’s buzz, and we know when we have it, almost anything is possible. More than that, up until a few years ago, there was no way to measure it. But now there is. It’s called the Internet and it’s a key ingredient in maximizing the buzz we generate. […]

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How to Give a Great Print Media Interview: Five Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

In TV and radio, interview times are pre-arranged. However, print and online journalists typically have daily and weekly deadlines. When they call you, they need you right then! In many cases, journalists will reach out to several experts on a news item and then choose the one who is the better interview or whoever responded quickest (or a combination of the two). The more reliably you respond, the more likely they will call on you again. […]

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How to Prepare for the Big Interview

After more than 20 years in the public relations business, I’ve discovered one universal truth: There’s really nothing quite as important as preparing for an interview.

After all, if you’ve gone through all the trouble of studying the news, reading about the issues and creating a set of resonant messages and have used them to score an interview with a journalist, why would you want to wing it? The problem is most people prepare for an interview by asking themselves the questions THEY would ask THEMSELVES, instead of asking the questions a professional journalist would likely ask them. That’s where I have seen many campaigns run off the rails before they begin. […]

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Why Aim Only at the Target When You Can Have the Whole Board?

So, today the concept of targeting or “narrowcasting” a PR campaign seems about as useful as an expired Starbucks coupon. Today’s media culture demands that when we design a campaign, we leave few to no stones unturned, because the truth is we never know who’s reading. […]

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Why Using Facebook and “The Twitter” Aren’t Enough

How can you use social networks to grow your business and promote your book? Well, you have to adjust your intentions! I love the quote from motivational speaker John Maxwell, who said, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!”
In other words, don’t try to push your promotional messages through those channels. If you provide advice from your expert’s point of view that actually helps the reader, you will create a following of people wanting to know more about you. For example, if you’re a tax advisor who wrote a book or launched a new Web site, use your update to give people useful tax tips. If they like your advice they’ll look at your profile, where you can passively place your business contact information. […]

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Get Your Promotion in Shape for the Holidays: Marketing for Holidays and Beyond Starts Now

The holidays are upon us, once again, and as retailers try to get in gear sooner each year you can never start planning too early! After all, more than 70 percent of all consumer goods sold in the U.S. are sold in the fourth quarter of the year. For marketers, it’s the opportunity to meet […]

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How Familiar (and Unfamiliar) Holidays Can Drive Your PR Campaign

Find the holiday that relates to your message, whether it is for your book or product, and then plan carefully to execute your PR tactics around that date. It might take an evergreen campaign pitch and make it instantly relevant to everyone simply because it appears on the calendar. […]

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Feel Like You’ve Failed As An Author?

But what I love most about this story is that we were able to show him his message IS as important as he thought. That the book he poured his heart and time and money into DOES have a valuable message, as evidenced by all the media that wanted to interview him. […]

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When is a Good Time To Start Your PR Campaign? How About NOW?

I have found that the two biggest obstacles to a good PR campaign are the two Ps: Procrastination and Perfection. Too many times, companies will procrastinate in getting their campaign started, and tag their campaign launch to something artificial like a product launch (which isn’t news, unless it’s the iPhone 4) or a new initiative. […]

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Planning on Booking Your Own TV Publicity?

It’s not unusual for a producer to be interested in your pitch, but want the interview to be done at a location that illustrates what the story is about. TV, after all, is a visual medium.

A great example that comes to mind is a client who is an expert on how to deal with foreclosure – a timely topic, unfortunately. He was traveling around the country to cities experiencing high percentages of foreclosures and in each city we obtained media coverage for him. But in Phoenix, Arizona, the producer didn’t want just a “talking head” interview. She agreed to do the interview only if it could be at a foreclosure property. And of course it was up to us to locate a suitable site, get permission to shoot the interview there, and ensure the TV crew had access when they arrived. After many, many phone calls to pull all of this together, the location was finalized, permission was obtained and the client’s TV interview was confirmed. In fact, it turned out to be one of the client’s best interviews. […]

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Want to Get on TV? Follow a Daily News Routine to Increase Your Chances

A daily routine of following breaking news and popular stories is the first and most essential step in my formula for how you can get interviewed by the media. If you are Internet savvy and prefer to get your news digitally, tracking news trends will be a breeze. There are many online news outlets, such as Yahoo, MSN, CNN and AOL, that prominently feature on their sites the most searched and significant news events each day. There are also other online services, such as Google Alerts, Digg, and others, that allow users to stay on top of the hot topics. If your preference – like me – is to watch the news on TV and/or read daily newspapers, those are also effective methods for keeping up with the news cycles. Whether you prefer traditional or digital news, the key thing is to establish a news-tracking routine and stick to it. It will orient you as to which news topics are getting the most attention, and will be a strong predictor of which stories are most likely to have a longer cycle on TV news outlets.Read More…

How to Get the Media Interested in You: You May Be Newsworthy Without Even Knowing It

Many new clients come to us with a strong opinion about what their “pitch” should be, but often miss the mark, in terms of knowing what will get the media to sit up and pay attention to their message. But it’s very understandable that this could occur, if you’re not working with the media the way we do, day in and day out, developing story angles intended to grab their interest.

Miss USA and the Start of Hypocrite Season

The hypocrites are in full bloom this week with the advent of sexy Miss USA photos that are being used to introduce the contestants on the Miss USA Web site. Apparently, the Miss USA organization received some angry emails and phone calls from the legion of Leave it to Beaver throwbacks to the 1950s who think scantily clad beauty pageant contestants will contribute to the fall of western society. After all, if impressionable young children log on to the site, they might be encouraged to, you know, think about girls and stuff. […]

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