Diana Nyad’s 3 Valuable Messages for Authors, Entrepreneurs

I cheered Diana Nyad’s amazing swim from Cuba to Florida last week, and I’ve been listening with exasperation as naysayers now question her accomplishment. The woman is 64. She swam 110 miles through the ocean. Let her have her day! While her feat inspires on several levels, I can’t help but notice the ways her […]

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So, You Want to Be The Next Big Talk Show Star?

We’ve all said it at least once in our lives. It usually happens when we’re watching TV and a talk show host is stumbling over their words or simply… […]

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The Book: Your New Business Card

Having been in business for over 20 years, I can attest that after writing my book, Celebritize Yourself, my revenue has grown annually, even through the recession. And, soon I’ll be working on my second one. So if you feel like your business has reached a plateau or is creeping in growth, and you want to inject new life and energy into your enterprise, a book is one of the most valuable marketing tools you’ll ever have. […]

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When it Comes to Talk Radio, You Can’t Judge by Size Alone

Typically, people engaging in talk radio-based PR campaigns will use market size and wattage of the stations they choose to pitch as a benchmark for a successful campaign. That’s usually a safe bet, but that being said, it’s important not to overlook some of the smaller market, smaller wattage stations. There are a lot of diamonds in that rough to be found. […]

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Michael Uslan – Executive Producer of Batman Films

Our goal is to make Michael the go-to guy for top tier media when it comes to topics or stories concerning movies or popular culture, and make him recognizable as not only the initiator of the Batman movie franchise, but also as an entertainment guru with industry knowledge and experience that’s helpful and interesting to consumers as well as those in Hollywood. Towards that end, EMSI has steadily booked Michael in electronic media such as Fox Business News, CNBC, Bloomberg TV and BBC Worldwide, as well as print articles including the New York Times, Forbes, The Christian Science Monitor, USA Today and many others. […]

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5 Steps for Using Creative PR to Become an Expert Celebrity

And that’s when we knew we had it. We knew that promoting her simply as a new author of a racy novel that reeked of money and power wasn’t going to get us very far. There are more than 370,000 new books published every year, and casting her as one of those numbers just meant that she’d be regarded as another can of beans on the shelf. […]

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Do You Have What it Takes to Be THE Recognized Expert in Your Field?

It all comes down to knowing who you are and what you have to offer others…what is that “unique something” that makes you and your message stand out? If you really are an expert in your field, it may be time to take it to the next level and become well-known as an expert celebrity. […]

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Can A Book Brand You as an Industry Expert?

A book is more than printed words on a page. A book is an idea brought to life. As the author of a book you are more than just a published writer – you are a valued expert, a credible authority, a proven professional AND a go-to source for print journalists and talk show hosts. But just the idea of writing a book and wondering how to get started can be a daunting concept so I thought it might be helpful if I shared with you my own personal experience on the road to becoming a published author. […]

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Darlene Quinn – Author, Winner of the 2009 Indie National Excellence Award for Fiction

EMSI began booking her for interviews on radio, on TV and in print as an expert commentator about the recession as it was affecting the consumer retail business. So far, Darlene has had more than 100 radio interviews and several national TV interviews. In addition, she has appeared in a variety of print and Web publications with a combined circulation/impressions level of more than 100 million. This national media exposure has accomplished two key goals: 1) it positioned her as an expert on the inner workings of the retail industry, and 2) at the same time afforded her the opportunity to promote her book. […]

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Embrace the Celebrity Within

Everyone is a celebrity at something, and by “celebrity” I’m not talking about movie stars, professional athletes or those overnight sensations that are here today, on the cover of People tomorrow and gone by Friday.

True celebrities are experts. In a lot of cases they’re experts at acting, putting a ball in a hoop or looking sexy in next to nothing. But believe it or not, most celebrities these days – the ones that keep auditoriums and hotel conference rooms and even bookstore shelves full – are folks like you and I; people who realized what they are very, very good at and put it to use by celebritizing themselves (or putting their expert status to use as a modern celebrity). […]

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