The PR Secret that Got Me Coverage in Forbes, Business Week and CNBC – All in One Day

I constantly advise my clients that the print media is a wide open playing field, and that the secret to getting great press is to develop a news angle (NOT a sales angle) and get out there. My team helps me do that the same way they do it for our clients, and the results of those efforts are clear. […]

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Why Did You Even Write a Book?

Unfortunately, few authors have any understanding of how a published book ends up in homes across America. I’m quite certain that most intend for others to read their book – not leave it for the grandkids to discover in the attic decades from now.
Yet, too many have the idea that since any published author can list their book on, that’s all that’s needed for their marketing! […]

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Can A Book Brand You as an Industry Expert?

A book is more than printed words on a page. A book is an idea brought to life. As the author of a book you are more than just a published writer – you are a valued expert, a credible authority, a proven professional AND a go-to source for print journalists and talk show hosts. But just the idea of writing a book and wondering how to get started can be a daunting concept so I thought it might be helpful if I shared with you my own personal experience on the road to becoming a published author. […]

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Embrace the Celebrity Within

Everyone is a celebrity at something, and by “celebrity” I’m not talking about movie stars, professional athletes or those overnight sensations that are here today, on the cover of People tomorrow and gone by Friday.

True celebrities are experts. In a lot of cases they’re experts at acting, putting a ball in a hoop or looking sexy in next to nothing. But believe it or not, most celebrities these days – the ones that keep auditoriums and hotel conference rooms and even bookstore shelves full – are folks like you and I; people who realized what they are very, very good at and put it to use by celebritizing themselves (or putting their expert status to use as a modern celebrity). […]

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