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It’s funny, but every time I sit down and write these emails to you, the thing that often comes to the forefront of my mind is “how can I get them to truly understand the value of talk radio?”  You may ask, why is this so important to me?  Because in my 20 years of doing publicity for everyone from The Temptations to Soynut Butter, I have seen companies and individuals alike explode their businesses off the back of talk radio interviews.

Talk radio, (one of the most under-utilized goldmines I can think of), can be a powerhouse in terms of promoting your book, your products, your company and services.  As I write this to you, I’m reminded of a great example of this.  A few years back we worked with Dr. Will Wong, a phenomenal media spokesperson who represented two different companies with natural health products.  Both companies focused all their marketing efforts on ongoing talk radio campaigns.

Now listen to this….

The first company went from $55,000 in sales to $7 million in a two year period.  The second company went from zero in sales to $6 million in the same amount of time.

Will called me one day so excited, to tell me, “Every morning now, I come into the office to the sound of our phones ringing off the hook and a very happy sales staff!  We’ve not only increased our direct sales, but our stores are calling to restock their shelves and we’ve obtained more distributors.  In the past we’ve tried all sorts of marketing, advertising and PR, but this talk radio campaign has been by far the most productive!”

The winning formula that I’ve seen work over and over is simply this:  having a message with mass appeal; a spokesperson who can talk about their message as it relates to top news stories and is skilled at using the air time to effectively promote their product without sounding like an infomercial!  A winning combination!

And it really does make sense.  The beauty of talk radio is that you are having live conversations with people all over the country.  Even better, you are talking with a host who invited you on because he or she felt their audience would be interested in what you had to say.  The result: instant credibility with a very captive audience.

But Will isn’t the only example.  Over the years I’ve seen many talk radio successes which is why I’m such a believer in the power of talk radio as a great promotional vehicle.  Who knows, this could be just what the doctor ordered to explode your own business!

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