PR Services

Our Services

National Print Coverage

Build you and your brand’s credibility as a trusted and respected news source.

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Talk Radio Interviews

Showcase your expertise with a listening audience on this dynamic medium.

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Allow your personality to shine, giving the audience a real taste of you and your brand.

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Satellite TV Tour

Build you and your brand’s credibility as a trusted and respected news source

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Social Media Marketing

We make social media easy - growing your following and building your brand source.

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How We Do It

Visibility and Credibility

News and Experts provides quality national and local media exposure for corporations and small businesses. This includes professionals such as doctors, lawyers financial advisors, entertainers, authors and other artists. We get our clients quoted as expert information sources in the press; arrange for them to appear as guests on TV and radio talk shows; and grow impressive followings for them on social media. Publicity gives them – and their products, services or businesses – the visibility and credibility that sets them apart from their competitors.

Guaranteed Media

Founded in 1990 by Founder and President Marsha Friedman, News and Experts is a guaranteed media PR firm. That means we do not charge a monthly retainer fee as so many in the PR industry do, with only a guarantee of “best efforts.” News and Experts clients are guaranteed exposure in print and digital publications, radio, and for a set fee, TV. We are likewise a leading social media firm with top marketing and social media experts.

Working Together

Our PR campaigns begin with a thorough review of the client’s relevant materials – website, product or service, books and other publications, and current online exposure. We ask them to complete a detailed questionnaire. Our team of PR professionals and veteran journalists then interviews them during a conference call or face-to-face meeting, when possible. With that information, we develop a customized public relations strategy for every client.

Stength in Numbers

Each of our publicity campaigns delivers significant branding and PR value, but when two or more are combined, they exponentially increase our client’s profile and outreach to their target audience. Our services are listed above. Please click on each item to read a detailed description of what the PR campaign strategy entails.