Satellite Media Tour

A Smart and Effective Way to Reach Your Audience

A Satellite TV Tour is an excellent way to appear as a guest on network affiliate TV shows across the country – without having to travel to each city and station. This is a smart and effective way to reach your audience in a variety of local markets by capitalizing on the guest segments that many stations have as part of their morning, noon and evening news hours.

How It Works


The “tour” can be scheduled in a few different TV production studios around the country or possibly in your hometown if facilities are available. It consists of interviews on television stations in ten to twelve different cities. The interviews are anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes in length and are scheduled back-to-back so that the tour in its entirety will be completed within a two-hour period. The interviews are either broadcast live as they are being conducted, or recorded by the station for later airings.


Here’s how the actual “tour” works. On the day of the tour, our producer is in-studio with you, coordinating the satellite-feed interview session with the local TV stations’ control rooms. Audio and video contact is established just prior to the interview, so that the local anchor is able to speak with you. Usually the local anchor can see you through pre-arranged satellite hook-up while you can only hear the anchor through an earpiece.

This is a very cost effective and efficient way for you to appear as a guest on local TV shows in ten to twelve cities around the country without having to travel!

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