The PR Secret that Got Me Coverage in Forbes, Business Week and CNBC – All in One Day

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A lot of PR consultants give advice, but how many actually live by it? In talking the talk for my clients, I also like to think I walk the walk.

In promoting my book, Celebritize Yourself, I have my team at EMSI treat me like a client. They help me write and distribute articles that are aimed to promote the book, following the exact process that we perform for our clients.

Last week, one of the columns we produce and distribute to our news contacts reached the desk of Erin Conroy at the Associated Press. My advice on how to be a great radio guest resonated with her, so she called me up and interviewed me for her syndicated “Watercooler” column. This morning, that column was picked up by,, and newspapers like the San Francisco Examiner.

I constantly advise my clients that the print media is a wide open playing field, and that the secret to getting great press is to develop a news angle (NOT a sales angle) and get out there. My team helps me do that the same way they do it for our clients, and the results of those efforts are clear.

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