Portable Expertise: How Books Allow You to Go Everywhere They Can

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If you’ve decided to become an expert in your field, in any field, allow me to show you how much faster that process can be – and how much further you can reach – through the publication of a well-written, carefully-planned, readable and entertaining book.

Books provide what I call “portable expertise.”

Low-Tech, High-Impact

Anywhere a book can go, you can go. Yes, there are more high-tech ways to reach your audience, but when someone’s wi-fi isn’t working, your book still is. When someone’s at 30,000-feet and can’t use their laptop yet, he or she can still open your book.

In a bathroom stall, in a parking garage waiting for an appointment, at a corner café with a cup of coffee, in bed late at night not wanting to disturb their spouse, in an elevator, your book goes anywhere they can go; and if you have a book, so do you.

Speed is a constant in our hurly-burly world. Gone are the days of leisurely lunch dates, quiet afternoons, relaxing weekends or two-week vacations. Now it’s all about screen-time versus face time, productivity over quality and half-page memos versus quarterly reports. We are supposed to do more with less and sooner rather than later, and with all our high-tech gadgets and multi-tasking interfacing, our brains are still trying to catch up.


Stay With Them Even When They’re Gone…

The book remains as our link between then and now, fast and slow, more and less. Everyone has a blog, only a fraction of people have a book. Everyone has a website, only so many of those websites have a book for sale. Ebooks have yet to corner the market on credibility and creativity, and even books on tape have to be written, recorded, delivered and digested.

The book remains THE penultimate source of distilled wisdom and what I call portable expertise. If you give a conference and the audience was too wowed by your presentation to digest every word, there’s your book in the back of the room to take with them to devour your expertise later.

During a lecture, a seminar, a meet and greet or a conference, you only have so much time to present and then it’s on to the next speaker. Books let you deliver the entire range of your expertise in 300 pages or less – and all in a nice, neat, presentable, impressive, PORTABLE package.

Let’s face it: you can’t be everywhere at once. One of the unique values of a published book is that it lets people bask in your expertise wherever they are, whenever they can. It can also be liberally shared because, again, this expertise is portable; a quick handoff to a business associate, a client, a fellow parishioner, a neighbor, a colleague or a friend and your portable expertise has just doubled; now you really can be two places at once!

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