Corporate America Can Help Promote Your Book

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As we all know, most large corporations have big advertising budgets to promote their products. Yet, savvy corporate marketers understand that publicity can be far more effective than advertising for connecting with consumers.The competition for publicity is fierce and an almost impossible task without having a good angle to grab the media’s attention.  But, that’s where you come in. You and your book can provide an excellent PR opportunity for the manufacturer of products that aligns with your message.

Let me explain.  Say you’ve written a cookbook on southwestern foods, and many of your recipes contain salsa as a main ingredient.  Well, you and your book can be the focus of a national publicity campaign for the salsa manufacturer interested in building or maintaining brand recognition.  AND, at the same time, provide a great opportunity to educate consumers about the variety of ways their salsa can be used (other than a side dish for chips!)  You can do a cooking segment on TV demonstrating the great taste and wide variety of salsa recipes.  How about your book and its salsa recipes featured in the food and lifestyle sections of daily newspapers and magazines? You can even do interviews on talk radio shows that focus on food, health and lifestyles.  These hosts would love a gift basket of salsa and chips as part of the conversation when you appear as a guest on their show. Subsidizing a campaign like this would undoubtedly give the salsa company a handsome return on their investment! Another example might be a book with household tips (Queen of Clean comes to mind!) that includes products used in unique ways – like toothpaste to flash patch walls or club soda to remove stains on your clothes.  Each of the manufacturers of these products could be approached to sponsor portions of your book tour!

What does a corporation gain by investing in the promotion of your book?  The answer is simple – live, on-air conversation and demonstration of their product and editorial coverage that’s priceless.  This broad national publicity does more to strengthen brand recognition for an existing product or build brand recognition for a new product than any advertising campaign is capable of!  It will have a direct impact on sales that is unbeatable and unmatched by advertising dollars.

So, be creative in your thinking.  If you’re resourceful and have good credentials to be a spokesperson for a company’s product – you and your book can be a great marketing vehicle for that company to invest in.  It’s a true win/win partnership for everyone.

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