If You Want to Succeed…Start Locally!

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Getting your company noticed in this tough economic climate has become harder than ever before for many companies. With mounting competition and shrinking budgets, the question arises: how do I let consumers know that my company exists, on both a national and a local level?!

While national media exposure is ideal, there is great power in local media exposure as well. By focusing on your hometown media outlets you will be able to build a solid base of fame and recognition from which to grow on. Creating as much “buzz” as you can locally will compliment your national campaign to no end and it also gives you invaluable media experience when the national media starts to knock on your door.

Fortunately many local journalists and on-air personalities enjoy interviewing local businesses and experts like yourself. This gives you an upper hand in grabbing their attention, and you will also gain their support in spreading the word about your company, products or services!

If you want to create solid “buzz” in your hometown, I recommend the following:

  • Talk Radio Interviews and Television Appearances: Generally speaking, every city has radio and television programs that have a format for guests. Do your research on the web to find the main stations that broadcast in your hometown. Then go to their website where you will find information about the shows they broadcast. Look for those with a format for guests and find the contact information for the producer. Then call and pitch yourself as a guest. How many should you aim for? AS MANY AS POSSIBLE!
  • Local Newspapers and Magazines: When it comes to the print media, at my firm (EMSI) we find that “Tips” type articles have an extremely high pick up rate with newspapers and magazines. If your topic offers any sort of solution to a problem, then a “Tips” article is what I would suggest. Write an article that gives 5-7 helpful, quality solutions (or “Tips”) to a problem that many people face.

Next, identify the newspapers and magazines in your local market, go to their website and find the right “beat” your topic falls in – for example – religious, business, health, lifestyle, etc – and send your article to the journalist that covers that “beat.” If there isn’t one person in particular that you can identify, “as you’ll find in smaller weekly papers” send your article to the editor – in – charge.

Make sure that the article is professional and print worthy, if so some publications will print it “as is.” And once again, get as many print placements AS POSSIBLE!

Although the above just scratches the surface, the takeaway is : when it comes to promoting your company, start locally and aim to get as much coverage as possible!

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