It Is NOT Too Late to Promote Your Products for the Holidays!

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As media relationship professionals for nearly 20 years, my firm works closely with talk radio show hosts and producers day-in and day-out.  Because of this synergistic relationship we know:

What They Need & When They Need It

With that in mind, if you have products to promote, I want to let you know it is not too late to get on the air before the holidays! If your products are available for purchase and have mass appeal, then now is the time to let holiday consumers know about it…and there are still a limited number of interview slots left for you to take advantage of.

As talk radio “insiders” we know what the hosts and producers are currently thinking about.  Right now, they are gearing up for the pre and post holiday season.  Why?  Because most producers and hosts go on vacation during the holidays and as a result their show goes on “hiatus.”  During this hiatus they run “best of” shows instead of new programming.  So in the run up to their vacation, hosts and producers are deciding: who they will be interviewing as guests in December, which shows they will re-run during hiatus and finally who they will be interviewing during the first week of the New Year.  The final point is very important to them, as the last thing they want to do when they come back from vacation is to have to scramble for guests.

The advantage for our clients is that we not only understand the timing and scheduling of talk radio, we also understand the needs of the producers and hosts and the fact that there are only a certain number of talk radio interview slots available for choice guests.  For example, we know that there is an intense scurry for the “must-have” New Year interview slots, where hosts and producers are really looking for the New Year/New You angle. So with that in mind, we position our clients in a way that is going to grab the media’s attention during the holidays and after the holidays.

And because we’re a top resource for talk radio guests, hosts and producers take our calls and schedule our clients if the topic is a good match for their audience.  This gives us a distinct advantage over the hundreds and thousands of pitches that hosts and producers receive daily.

But keep in mind that when it comes to radio air time, being interviewed as a guest is much different than buying advertising time.  With advertising you have a broad selection of stations and shows to choose from to run your spots.  While the playing field for being interviewed as a guest is not anywhere as wide.  You first have to know which stations have a show with a format for guests.  Then, you need to know which of those shows have an audience that would be interested in your topic.  It’s also knowing who to call; when to call and how to reach them to respond to your pitch.  This is where we can help – as this is what we do for our clients, day in and day out.

The point I really wanted to press home to you is if your products are available now and if your message is timely, then you can take advantage of the few cherished interview slots still available out in time for the holidays and for the beginning of the year.

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