If They Can Attract The National Media Spotlight, So Can You!

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One of my favorite moments each day comes during our morning meeting at EMSI when my team shares some of the success stories we’ve had landing our clients appearances in print, on TV and on radio, or building their brand on social media.

And recently, we’ve had some really great “hits” for our clients. One will be appearing on “The Dr. Oz Show” and two others were featured on “Daytime,” the nationally syndicated lifestyle talk show. Clients also were quoted or featured in such top-tier publications as USA Today and Essence magazine, just to give you a couple of more examples.

I share this not so much to brag (although I can’t help but be proud of these accomplishments), but because I think there’s a lesson in here for those who don’t believe the media would be interested in them.

Consider this: Our clients come to us from all walks of life. They are corporate executives, book authors, financial planners, educators, scientists, doctors, attorneys and nutritionists, just to name a few.

They are experts in their fields, and possibly known within certain circles, but they are not household names. In other words, they are men and women just like you – with the exception that they are being quoted and interviewed by the nation’s top media.

So how do we land them these great opportunities to promote and build their brands? One way is that we follow the news, keeping up to date on the latest trends or issues facing the nation and the world. That way we can let journalists or talk show hosts know that we have a client who can speak with authority on the hot topic of the day.

I’ve often said that EMSI serves two clients: those who pay us to get them publicity and the media, for whom we provide valuable content and subject-matter experts like you. It’s always a great feeling when we can make them both happy.

Let me share a few more highlights from the hundreds of placements we’ve secured in the last month for clients like yourself who have hired us to help them build their personal or corporate brand:

  • National and local TV appearances. The outstanding television exposure for our clients this past month went beyond “Dr. Oz” and “Daytime.” We also landed appearances nationally on Al Jazeera and Newsmax TV. What’s more, we booked clients on local network affiliate TV shows in top markets such as Tampa, Nashville, West Palm Beach and Washington, DC.
  • Print, both traditional and online. In addition to USA Today and Time magazine, our clients have made recent appearances in Money magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Essence, AARP Bulletin, the Houston Chronicle, Investor’s Business Daily, New York Daily News, New York Post and TheStreet.com.
  • Social media. One client we manage social media for is a premium lozenge brand. On this client’s behalf, we’ve been able to get considerable response and interaction with high-status Broadway performers, as well as complete productions that are currently showing on Broadway. This priceless coverage and social equity gave the brand an opening to grow its market base beyond niche performers to tap into the amateur market as well as vocalists who aren’t aware of the brand’s usefulness with Broadway performers.
  • Talk radio interviews. Our clients continue to make engaging guests for talk-radio hosts. These past four weeks we booked interviews on more than 100 talk-radio shows, including national shows, cable shows and top-rated shows in cities around the country. That means lots of listeners are hearing what our clients have to say.

Let me just add that another key ingredient to publicity success is this: The clients who enjoy the best PR campaigns are those who are most willing to accommodate the media’s needs.

They drop what they are doing to get on the phone with a reporter who’s on a deadline. They write articles for publications that request them. They show a willingness to discuss topics within their expertise, even when the particular topic doesn’t exactly fit the focus of their PR campaign.

With our help, these clients were able to grab the attention of the media spotlight.

You can, too!


P.S. If you want professional assistance in attracting the media spotlight, give us a call at 727-443-7115 ext. 215 or click here to get started with your Free Media Analysis.

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