Identify The Unique Message That Will Help You Promote Your Brand

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Each day journalists and radio and TV talk-show hosts need someone to talk to.

In fact, they need many someones.

Maybe they want a source who can explain why the stock market just crashed. Maybe they are in search of a guest for a TV talk show that specializes in lifestyle topics or a radio show that emphasizes health issues.

On any given day they could want any number of people on any number of topics.

And that’s where you come in because if you position yourself correctly, you could be one of those people the media go to when they need expert commentary on breaking news or on the latest trends.

Of course, there’s also plenty of competition for that media attention! Why should they choose you over all those other folks? 

Clearly, you need to separate yourself from the pack and to do that you’ll need to figure out what’s unique about you and your message, and then let the media and the world at large know about you.

How do you accomplish that? Here are a few steps you can take to get members of the media to turn their attention your way:

  • Focus on what you’re passionate about. You no doubt work 40, 50 or 60 hours a week. Maybe even more! Even if you love what you do, I’ll bet you’re not passionate about everything you do every minute of every day. So examine your typical day’s routine and figure out what it is that really gets your juices flowing. What revs up your enthusiasm? If you home in on what you’re really passionate about, when you speak about it to the media that passion will shine through.
  • Know your target audience. Granted, this may fall into the category of Marketing 101, but it’s critical to the success of any publicity campaign. You need to know who it is you want to reach with your message. Is it men, women or both? Is it baby boomers or millennials? Do you have a very broad audience or a very narrow one? You might even have multiple audiences.  Whatever the case may be, you need to customize your message to appeal to your specific audiences.
  • Determine how to reach that audience. Once you know who your audience is, the next step is to find out how to reach them. What kind of publications or online sites do they read? What shows do they watch on TV? Do they listen to talk radio? What social media sites do they frequent? For example, baby boomers flock to Facebook but aren’t big users of Instagram. Talk radio listeners are typically 35 to 64 years old.  The daytime TV audience is mostly women. If you have a good understanding of your target audience, and how to find them, then you’ll know which media outlets you should be pitching with your message.
  • Make your message media friendly. The best media response often comes when you have tips or strategies that their readers, viewers or listeners can put to use. So think about what advice you can share with their audience that will solve a problem they have. A tax specialist could provide tips for reducing the amount of taxes owed. A financial planner can suggest ways to build a retirement nest egg. A marriage counselor could reveal ways to communicate better with a spouse. The problem-solution approach can be a big winner for you.

Finally, you’ll want to highlight your credentials when you reach out to the media. Why should the media – and the media’s audience – listen to you as an expert on your topic? (Just who are you anyway, pal?)

But keep it succinct. There’s no need to dump your entire resume in the media’s laps and bury them in irrelevant information. For example, a reporter working on a tax-advice article likely won’t care where you went to college three decades ago. But he or she will be impressed that you have 30 years experience as a CPA and wrote the bestselling book “How to Make the IRS Say Uncle.”

With the right message and the right credentials for the right audience, you’ll be ready to share your passion with the world.

Uniquely yours,


P.S. If you want professional help with identifying your unique message to promote your brand through print, radio, TV or social media, give us a call at 727-443-7115 ext. 215.

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