I Wish I Had Done This Sooner

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As our team sat down for a brainstorming session this week, talk gravitated toward exciting news for one of our clients. We had arranged an interview for him in a national newspaper and he was elated.

It was just the latest in a string of successes for him.

“I wish I had done this sooner!” he told one of our print campaign managers.

We were just as elated because not that long ago this same client had been hesitant about whether launching a national publicity campaign was the right move for him.

Now he recognizes the value, is fired up by his success, and knows absolutely that the decision to build his authority by being spotlighted in the media was the right thing for him.

Our conversation about this client got me thinking. There’s no doubt that building your authority as a thought leader and having a strong media presence can play a significant role in your overall professional success. But how do you know if a publicity campaign is the right move for you?

Here are some things to consider:

  • Be ready to step outside your comfort zone. Are you willing to step from the shadows out into the media spotlight to build that authority? For some people, the idea of doing a live TV or radio interview, or speaking with a journalist from the New York Times or USA Today, can be daunting. I understand! Think of it this way, though. A media interview may be new territory for you but you’ll be asked questions on a subject that’s within your expertise and one you’re presumably passionate about, so have no fear.
  • Be prepared to make time for those interviews. Unless you’re a big name celebrity, there’s a lot of effort that goes into securing a quality media interview for you. So, when the opportunities present themselves, you need to be available and ready. You’ll need some time to prepare for the interviews, but the actual interviews typically don’t take more than 10 to 15 minutes, unless it’s a feature story on you. When all is said and done, it’s definitely worth the investment of your time because it can pay huge dividends.
  • Be ready to take a journey. It takes consistency to build a strong media presence that establishes you as a go-to expert and someone who is seen as a trusted source both by the media and by potential clients or customers. That won’t happen with just one TV appearance or one newspaper interview, even if it’s on the highest-rated TV show or in the New York Times. This is a journey, one that begins with establishing a strong foundation of media coverage, and then building on that foundation with even more media successes.

Yes, a publicity campaign may require you to step outside your comfort zone, and yes, it requires some time on your part. And, yes it’s a journey. But the rewards that come from quality media coverage are worth every step and truly priceless, if leveraged wisely.

So, give yourself permission to enjoy all of this! Building your brand and your authority through publicity efforts can be a dreary chore or it can be extraordinarily fun. Your choice! Savor every moment – just like our client did when we landed that big interview!

Yours sooner or later,


P.S. If you’d like professional help getting coverage in the press, and being interviewed on radio and TV, give us a call. We’ve been providing this service to clients for 28 years. We also offer a comprehensive social media marketing program for select clients, where we do it all for you. If you’re interested in our help, please call us at 727-443-7115 Ext. 231. We’d love to hear from you!


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