A Marketing Strategy for Authors That Works!

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When I asked one of my clients which medium was most beneficial for him and why, he said, “I found that you get almost instant results with TV. Viewers believe what you have to say and as a result you get to reach tons of people in a ‘real’ way.  And the results are tremendous. From one TV appearance alone I got close to 1,000 subscribers to my book’s newsletter.”

This particular client has other products he’s selling beyond his book – and because he gets such a great response from most of his TV appearances, this became a key part of his marketing strategy. Now, if you’re just promoting a book – traveling to different cities is not a good idea because the return on investment doesn’t play in your favor.

What I strongly recommend though is for authors to do as many local media appearances and book-signings as possible in the cities where they live.  I can’t emphasize this strongly enough.  For viral marketing reasons, credibility reasons, branding, networking and sales reasons, it’s very important to build a solid promotional base from which to grow … and your hometown is the perfect place to start building.

From there you can branch out to other cities.  If you travel on business, use those trips as an opportunity to do TV and radio appearances in those cities.

The important thing to know is that you may have the potential to be a guest on TV – and if so, it’s a great opportunity to gain the recognition you need to make your book well known.

Another client told me, “The cost benefit analysis of TV is a no brainer.  Not only do you get the benefit of this quality exposure, but the amount of credibility you build is priceless!”

And make no mistake…it’s all about building credibility.  Whether the credibility is for you as an author or for your business, the positioning of you as a guest on TV is the kind of credibility you can’t buy.

And if you want to eventually get on national TV, you need to have some good local interviews under your belt.  We find that to be almost a pre-requisite these days from producers at the national level.  But, the payoff can be big.

Another client sent us an email after he did a very short interview on a nationally syndicated TV show.  He said, “Thanks for scheduling my TV appearance!  Wow!  We had a record number of visitors to our website which of course means great online book sales and a huge number of people added to my data base for future sales.”

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