How to Boost Your Visibility on Google with Google Plus

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Maximize Your SEO with Google Plus

The techniques that increase visibility for our websites are constantly changing because technology is constantly changing. What worked a couple years ago to catch the attention of a search engine – like hiding keywords at the bottom of a web page – is as outdated as naming a company A-1 Pest Control in order to be listed first in the Yellow Pages. (Remember the Yellow Pages?)

Fortunately, Will Candler, our Marketing Coordinator here at EMSI Public Relations, is an Internet whiz who stays on top of changing search engine algorithms and finds new ways to use them. Will has been playing a lot lately with Google+, the new frontier in social media, and he recently discovered something new to love about it: It can boost your web page’s ranking when your connections do Google searches.

This can be a tremendous help to you so I asked him to explain in basic terms how to use it, and he kindly spelled it all out in the following:

Maximize Your SEO with Google+

By Will Candler

Google is, without doubt, the 800-pound gorilla when it comes to search engines. Ninety percent of the search engine traffic to our website,, is people who found us through Google searches. That’s because we’ve embedded it with search engine terms they’re using, such as “top public relations firms,” which makes us appear on the first page of their search results. (That’s called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.)

More than likely if you have a website, you’ve done some SEO work. You’ve probably added keywords to your headlines and photos, and sprinkled in keyword phrases to the first few paragraphs of articles and blog posts on your site. But you can always do more and better!

How does Google+ help?

Google + is the new kid on the block when it comes to social media. But because it’s created by that 800-pound gorilla, it offers something that no other social media platform can: Google power.

Google loves its newest offspring and it favors any post, article, picture and link posted on Google+. If you post a link on your Google+ about asthma remedies, and one of your connections is logged in to Google+ and searches for asthma remedies, your post will show up high in his Google search results.

Here’s an example of how it works for your website. Let’s say you own an art gallery full of nature photos. Your website for promoting the gallery highlights “mountain photos,” “wildlife photos,” and “waterfall photos.” You’ve made sure that each of those phrases matches the content for the page it’s used on, and you’ve even created other URLs with these phrases:

Now you head over to post your newest update on Google+. You post, “After almost dropping my camera in the water and getting lost for nearly 4 hours, I landed this new shot of Bubba’s waterfall in the mountains of Nebraska. Take a look!” Then you add the link to your waterfall page, Here’s the magic: A few days, weeks, or even months later, when one of your connections types “waterfall photos” into a Google search, there you are – page 1. Your post shows up, your profile picture shows up, and your link shows up.

Here are a few things to remember.

  • Your connections have to be logged in to Google+ for this tactic to work. But that’s the beautiful thing about Google+. Once you log in, unless you physically log yourself out, you’ll be logged in forever on that computer.
  • It only works with your connections. You have many friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, but how about adding like-minded people with similar interests? Search out others who are like you to connect with. Using the art gallery example above, you’d look for other people interested in nature, photography, wildlife, etc. Those are potential clients or customers.


Remember, folks, social media is only effective if you’re being real. So make your posts authentic and your links useful, and you’ll come out ahead.

If you’re using social media and SEO correctly to promote your business, your product or your book, you’re not only helping yourself – you’re helping your connections.

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