How Securing Media Coverage Brings Greater Value Than Ever

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Think about how you get information these days.
Did you read that newspaper article in print or on your phone? Did you hear that interview on the radio or on a podcast?
It’s no secret, of course, that the media landscape has changed drastically over the years – and the changes keep coming at a pace that sometimes makes us all dizzy! But here’s something I feel confident about: The value of these changes may be greater for you than ever before.
The digital world has given all of us different and often better options for how we get our news, how we share it with others, and for those of you promoting your brands, how you and the media connect with each other. That means opportunities – and ways you can leverage those opportunities – abound.
Think about TV interviews as just one example. Not that long ago, TV producers wanted you in their studio for an interview, which meant you were faced with the time and expense of traveling. That might not be so bad if you live in Miami and were slated to appear on a Miami TV station. It was more problematic if you live in Philadelphia and the TV interview was in San Diego.
But because of the pandemic, remote interviews through Zoom or Skype have become common. Distance is no longer an obstacle for someone in Denver who is interviewed by a TV show in New York.
Let me suggest a few other ways that landing media placements continues to grow in value:
  • The reach is greater – Many print publications may have disappeared, but the newspapers still prospering are reaching more people than ever before. The New York Times has about 833,000 print subscribers, which is impressive on its own merits. But add the online readers – 5 million digital subscribers – and the reach really takes off. Nearly all newspapers and magazines have an online version available, and those online articles also have long lives. Someone might see your interview this week or they might see it next year. TV and radio stations also often post interviews online, reaching audiences far beyond the limits of their broadcast signals. In addition, news aggregators such as Apple News and Google News compile links to articles, drawing more attention to those articles from readers around the world. Your interview not only lives on the publication’s website, it’s also being picked up by other organizations or apps dedicated to sharing news stories.
  • More data is available – You can make use of analytics to gain more information than ever about how well articles or interviews are received. You can track the traffic to your website as a result of a media placement, and you can get demographic and geographic information. Through social media, you can see who is liking or sharing the news articles or broadcast interviews, and determine whether a message is getting a positive or negative response.
  • It’s easier than ever to share media triumphs – Social media also allows you to share your media successes with your followers, giving you the opportunity to personally add even more value to those placements. Every time you are interviewed, you can share a link to the article, video or audio recording, reinforcing to your followers that you are a thought leader in your field whose insights are valued by the media. You can also connect with those people who share, like or comment on the posts, potential interaction that at one time didn’t exist.
Yes, the media landscape has been changing for some time now, and not always for the better.
But media interviews are still an extraordinarily valuable part of your personal and corporate branding efforts – so keep pursuing those opportunities every chance you get.
Bringing value!
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