Getting Media Coverage Is Just The Start; Now Put It To Work For You

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I once had a client who enjoyed what could only be described as an extraordinary publicity campaign with our firm. We landed him interviews with such top-tier publications as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and Bloomberg.

You would think he would have been ecstatic! But in fact, he was underwhelmed.

“I don’t think it was all that valuable,” he said to me one day.

As you can imagine, that was puzzling.

“How have you used your publicity?” I asked him. “How have you shared it with the people you are trying to reach?”

His response: He hadn’t done anything with it – at all!

And therein lies a problem. There’s definitely gold in publicity, but you strike that gold not just by being quoted in the media, but through how you leverage all that great coverage. That’s where the true return on investment lies.

Unfortunately, this client wasn’t unique in how he thought about publicity. It’s fairly common for people to ask me how many sales leads they can expect or how many books they will sell after they have been spotlighted in the media.

I have to explain that the real ROI of publicity is the credibility you gain from the implicit endorsement when the media turns to you as an expert who can provide valuable insight to their audience. But how you leverage that publicity is what will impact your sales.

So, whether you’ve landed those big interviews on your own, or hired a PR firm to help you, you can’t let all these wonderful media successes just lie there. Instead, you want to capitalize on them to build your brand as a go-to person in your area of expertise.

How do you go about that? There are a number of ways you can leverage your publicity successes, but here are three that I think are especially worthwhile:

  • Share on social media. This is a quick, easy way to spread the good word any time you’re interviewed on TV or radio, or by a print publication. Beforehand, you can let your followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other platforms know where and when they can tune in for a broadcast interview, or which publication they should be looking in to find a print interview you just did. Afterward, you can revisit the subject by thanking the host or journalist who interviewed you, and include a link to the interview or article, which most media will post on their websites. Not only does this help build your brand in the eyes of your followers, but you’ll gain even more exposure anytime your followers share your posts with their followers.
  • Incorporate media successes into your marketing materials. Share links to some of your best coverage in your online-marketing material and be sure to use it in flyers, brochures, direct-mail advertising and other promotions. Incorporate the logos of the major press you’ve appeared in with highlighted quotes from the articles into all your sales and marketing materials.
  • Assert your bragging rights. Even if you aren’t one to brag – now is the time to brag! You should have a media tab on your website where you can post links to all your media triumphs – the more the merrier. One other thing many people with multiple-media successes do is create a wall of fame in their offices where they display framed copies of their print interviews. This can be in your lobby, a hallway, a waiting room or wherever you think best. Imagine how impressed visitors will be when they see framed articles from newspapers, magazines and trade publications that have one thing in common – all those articles include you!

In a way, that former client of mine was right, I suppose. For him there was little value in publicity because he didn’t take advantage of all the media coverage we lined up for him.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you!

Leveraging your publicity will pay dividends in so many ways. It can bring you to the attention of people who may have missed the initial coverage. It can help you close the deal with prospects who are weighing whether to engage your services or go with one of your competitors. And it will reassure your current clients that they made the right choice in hiring you!

That’s real value!


P.S. If you want professional advice on getting the most out of your publicity efforts, give us a call at 727-443-7115 ext. 0.


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